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New Digital Health & Safety Solution Brings Calm to Contractor Management

Take contractor management from mayhem to mellow with ATG Digital's new Digital Health and Safety Solution Pack.

ATG Digital's latest offering is a lifesaver, literally! The purpose-built safety management solution streamlines processes and enhances overall safety.  

OHSR, SHE officers—or anyone responsible for on-site safety and projects involving contractors- can breathe easy. The ATG Digital Health and Safety (DHS) Pack helps you overcome common SHE concerns like compliance, accountability, and lack of paper trails.

Taking the Confusion Out of Managing Contractors (and Site Security)

Health and safety are fundamental aspects of any workplace in South Africa, especially within the country's main sectors, mining, agriculture, and industry.

These work environments can be dangerous, leaving businesses vulnerable to theft and other risks. So tight access control and rigorous pre-access safety training are essential. That is the tip of the iceberg. There is a seemingly never-ending list of things to do and consider with contractor management.

Fortunately, there is now one solution that digitises and automates EVERYTHING.

ATG DHS Integrates Cutting-Edge Technology with Your Safety Protocols

Over the years, ATG Digital has become a leader in digital solutions for physical site security. The company attributes its success to customer-led product development.

ATG's Ariel Flax explains, "We take time to understand the needs and the intricacies of our client's business to create a true-blue solution. It must solve problems without creating other issues and make life easier."

This development philosophy has led to the ATG DHS, which lifts the burdens of paper trail issues, compliance headaches, accountability concerns, unidentified on-site workers, and incomplete inductions.

But this is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The genius of ATG DHS is that it aligns with your contractor management requirements and can enforce your safety policies and procedures.


Enable individuals to complete the organisation's inductions online before arriving on-site.

Contractors can review the material as often as they like before and after digitally confirming that they have reviewed and understood the induction.

This feature saves time before project commencement and keeps a digital register of who has completed the training. It also integrates with the At the Gate access control system, prohibiting entry to contractors who have not completed induction.


Ensure compliance and safety with site-specific questions and checks.

In the same way that the system requires contractors to have completed an induction to gain entry, you can create other mandatory fields or questions with At the Gate. A secure, pre-screening link allows guests to register before arrival.

Roll Call & Evacuations

Ensure efficient roll calls and timely evacuation in emergencies.

Roll Call allows operations of any size to quickly and efficiently track attendance using the ATG Digital app. Users can mark off on-site visitors, enhancing accuracy and speed in emergency head counting.

The feature is underpinned by the powerful technology that goes into ATOM.

PPE Checks

Guarantee on-site safety through meticulous PPE checks.

ATG's contractor management features include verifying that all persons are wearing and have essential gear before entry.

Access Permits

Confidently issue access permits with time, date, and area restrictions.

Generate pre-registrations automatically sent to regular attendees with your location and a QR code for easy sign-in. You can specify start and end dates for contractors or shift times, ensuring no access is granted outside these parameters. The system tracks time spent on-premises, and users can pull reports on all contractor activity. Finally, you can set compulsory and optional data capturing fields, e.g. the number of people in the vehicle or declaring assets (laptops, etc.)

Expiry Management

Avoid compliance issues with automated expiry checks, monitor document validity, and issue timely renewals.

ATG DHS scans and records identification documents such as ID books, driver's licenses and permits. The information is encrypted and stored securely in the cloud, maintaining all data collection and privacy regulations. The system can send notifications when permits or other such documents are about to expire.


Eliminate contractor management pitfalls—stay informed at all times.

There are standard alerts for visitor arrivals, fake IDs, and stolen vehicles, and you can customise the notification you want to receive. For example, you can create alerts for expiries, induction results, and departures or incidents.

Sign Agreements

Capture digital signatures for streamlined communication and efficient contractor management.

As mentioned, the system ensures acknowledgement of safety protocols, and it is customisable so that you can include disclaimers, waivers or other Standard contractor agreements.

Gone Are the Days of Chaotic Contractor Management Thanks to ATG DHS

ATG Digital's revolutionary Health & Safety Solution Pack has transformed the contractor management game, simplifying processes and prioritising safety like never before.

From eliminating paper trails and streamlining inductions to ensuring compliance and accountability, this innovative system tackles every concern head-on.

With ATG DHS, you can:

  • Eliminate the chaos of managing paperwork with digitised records and automated processes.

  • Boost compliance and accountability.

  • Minimise risk and liability.

  • Save time and resources with automated inductions, roll calls, and evacuations.

  • Streamline workflows and get real-time notifications.

  • Gain complete peace of mind.   

Breathe Easier with ATG Digital's Digital Health & Safety Solutions. Contact ATG Digital today for a free consultation and demo.


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