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ATG Digital - ATR Web - Visitor Manageme

Visitor Management System for COVID-19 Safety Procedures


Digital COVID-19 employee and visitor system

ATR Web is a must-have and the newest addition to our range of POPI compliant visitor management systems. It provides your business with entirely contactless health screening for Covid-19.

Now you can monitor clients, suppliers, and staff for coronavirus symptoms before they even arrive at your premises.  


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Our innovative touchless visitor processing software is easy-to-use and multifunctional.

  • Implement accurate health screening for Covid-19

  • Limit personal interactions of people on your property

  • Keep real-time track of who is on and off the premises

  • Automated reporting and notifications

Now you can keep a figurative finger on crucial coronavirus-related information about everyone on your property - without extra admin.

ATR Web is a touchless solution designed to keep business running smoothly in the new normal.

The Benefits of

Health Screening for COVID-19

Save time and mitigate risk by having your staff and visitors answer screening questions right from their smartphone before they arrive on site.


Employee Monitoring

Track times spent on-premises and view behavioural insights.


Risk Management Notification Service

Get instant notifications about high-risk people and send out automatic warnings to anyone in danger of exposure.


POPI Compliant Visitor Management System

ATR Web is entirely POPI compliant. Safely store information without the fear of breaching any client confidentiality.


Electronic Data Storage

Speedy electronic safekeeping of information. Pull reports instantly.

ATR Web, The Touchless Visitor Processing Software

How it Works

Our digital screening system is easy but powerfully effective. All you have to do is send a link to expected visitors - we take care of the rest.

The Link takes visitors to an online healthcare screening and declaration that takes less than a minute to complete.

Covid-19 Screening Risk Procedure

If any Coronavirus-related questions are failed, visitors will automatically receive a polite and professional message.

The message states that their entrance has been declined and encourages them to seek advice from their healthcare professional. It further allows your guest to schedule a virtual meeting instead. 

Managers and supervisor get notified immediately.

Implementing Covid-19 Health and Safety Protocols

Once ATR Web-approved people arrive on your premises, a member of your staff should take their temperature at reception and enter it in the database.

You have the option to modify categories. For example, you can include a field that confirms that each visitor has sanitised their hands on arrival.

Already have ATG Facial or At Reception technology? You can enable a facial recognition feature that scans visitors and only grants access to those wearing masks correctly!

All the data is safely stored in the cloud and safeguards your business from breaches.

Contactless Staff Clock In and Out System

Staff members can clock in from their desks or phones on arrival.  Part of their contactless sign-in is the mandatory web-based screening test.

There is also a mandatory field that requires a selfie of the employee wearing their mask correctly.

Management will be notified immediately if an employee fails a Covid-19-related question or to upload an image with their mask.

As a bonus, you can track your employees time at work, in real-time.

Safeguard your staff, and customers

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