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Seamlessly check in an unlimited number of visitors
Real-time alerts on suspicious activity
POPI & GDPR compliant
Visitor movement reports
Visitor arrival and departure notifications
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Holiday goers and business travellers are measuring the hospitality industry on more than comfort, aesthetics and meals. A contactless, quick and professional check-in is now paramount for visitors.

ATG Digital provides hotel access control systems that meet these requirements and optimise the business processes of any company in the hospitality sector.

Touchless Check-Ins and Hotel Door Locks South Africa



Touchless hotel access control systems to enhance the guest experience

Our electronic access control reduces day-to-day stresses by mitigating risks and alleviating time-consuming tasks. Our system manages and stores all visitor-related information for you

A hotel lock management system that does it all

Greet and process guests, contractors and staff with one platform

ATG Digital makes it easy to collect and verify all required information, including integration with booking, HR and other 3rd party products. We ensure an automated, seamless and user-friendly experience within one system.

Electronic Access Control for the
Hospitality Industry

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Covid-screening before guests arrive

Contactless methods for guests to provide required personal information

Hotel door lock system that uses biometric facial recognition

Hotel digital door lock software that scans a QR code from visitors’ phones

Cloud-based solutions that allow for always up-to-date records.


Access control from your main gate that sends automatic notifications to front desk personnel of guest arrival.


Speedy and pain-free check-in for you and your guests.

The Benefits of an ATG Digital
Visitor Sign-In App


Live Visitor

Track the time visitors have spent on-premises. Then view insights to enhance your visitor management processes.


Barcode Scanning Technology

Scan driver’s licenses and ID’s and capture photos of these critical details in seconds. Keep a visual record of persons for security purposes.


Instant Mobile Notifications

Notifies front desk staff of guest arrival and keeps track of all vital information.


Identity Verification Technology

Verify the authenticity of people trying to enter your premises without authorisation. Our hotel access control systems do it all for you.


POPI Compliant Visitor Management System

Our web-based visitor management system is entirely POPI compliant.

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Denylisting Tool

Flag and denylist specific unwanted individuals from entering your premises on foot.

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Electronic Visitor Access Data Storage

Speedy electronic safekeeping of information. Access insightful reports instantly.


Customisable Forms

Customise information required on entry and exit. Include options like declaring any high-value items or specific requests made by guests.

ATG Solutions That Are Perfect for the Hospitality Industry

ATG Digital - Access Control - Boom Gate

At The Gate

Our At The Gate business intelligence tool is the fast and affordable way to secure premises access.

ATG Digital - Visitor Management - Reception

At Reception

An easy-to-use tablet interface that will instantly speed up check-ins and increase the safety of your building, employees, and patrons.

ATG Digital - Visitor Management - Webcam


ATR Web is our newest digital software that screens visitors for possible Covid-19 infections before they arrive at your company.

ATG Digital - Facial Recognition

ATG Facial

ATG Facial is a touchless face detection system. It will help you keep control and ease the processes of visitor, employee and contractor management.

We’re ready to customise a solution for your hotel, resort, or B&B

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