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Access and Visitor Management Solutions for Hotels

Secure stays, seamless access

Experience a new era in hospitality with ATG Digital's Access Control Solutions. Redefine security, streamline operations, and elevate the guest journey. Discover transformative features tailored for your hotel.

Where security meets unmatched hospitality.

Elevate your hotel's operations, provide unmatched security, and ensure memorable stays for your guests. Explore the possibilities of seamless and secure access control – because the future of hospitality begins with the right key.

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Hotel access control go-to's.

Unveiling the top and industry-favourite features for hotels and lodges

QR Code Invitations

Simplify guest access with QR Code Invitations. Set time and date limitations, control the number of visits, and enhance the overall guest experience.

Instant Notifications

Stay informed about guest arrivals and incidents like overstays or extended time on-site.

Custom Dashboard

Real-time insights into total bookings, cancellations, peak periods, on-site guests, available rooms, and incidents.

Hotel Door Lock System

Cutting-edge technology, including facial recognition and QR code readers, enhancing security and guest convenience.

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Be prepared for every visitor.

Anticipate every arrival with confidence. Explore our tailored solutions for guests, staff, contractors and deliveries. Discover a seamless and customisable process for every visitor, ensuring efficiency, security, and a warm welcome at your hotel.

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Deliveries & Collections

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Benefits of our Hotel Visitor Sign In App.

Enhanced Security

Enhance the overall security of your facility by preventing unauthorised access and implementing advanced authentication measures.

Customisable Solution

Tailor the access control system to meet the unique needs of your hotel, adjusting settings and permissions for a personalised security solution.

Improved Efficiency

Streamline entry processes, reducing congestion and ensuring a smooth flow of guests for an efficient and hassle-free experience.

POPIA Compliant

Ensure data privacy and compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), fostering trust among staff and visitors. ATG is 100% POPIA compliant.

Complete Transparency

Gain clear insights into visitor traffic and access data, fostering transparency and accountability within your resort.

Guest Experience

Transform the overall guest journey by integrating innovative and secure access solutions, offering a memorable and delightful stay.

Explore top-picked security systems for the hospitality industry.

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Smart Gate Access Control System

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