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Integrating security and transparency with communication and convenience

Welcome to the future of community living with EstateMate, the innovative paperless solution connecting residents and management companies. Partnering with ATG Digital, this mobile community app serves as an all-in-one platform, fostering effective access control and communication between management and residents.

ATG Digital - Access Control Integration with Community Communications App - Residential E

Where access meets connectivity in your community.

Integrating ATG with EstateMate ensures that your residents can welcome their visitors in a timely manner as well as close the communication loop between the resident and the visitor so that every person and vehicle entering through your gates are accounted for.

Pre-register via EstateMate App

Residents can easily pre-register visitors, specifying entry details and permissions through the intuitive EstateMate app.

Instant Notifications​ for Hosts

Hosts receive real-time notifications upon visitor entry requests.

QR Code Invitations

Visitors receive invitations with QR codes via email or WhatsApp, streamlining the check-in process at the gate.

Customisable Settings

Fully customise device settings to capture both compulsory and optional data fields based on community requirements.

Automated Reporting

Generate automated reports for efficient management, enhancing security and resource allocation.

Visitor Time Tracking

Real-time tracking of the time visitors spend on the premises, improving overall security and community management.

Electronic Safeguarding of Visitor Information

Safeguard visitor information electronically, reducing the risk of falsified data and ensuring data integrity.

Accept or Deny Visitors

Hosts can conveniently accept or deny visitor access directly from the EstateMate app, ensuring control and security.

How ATG and EstateMate elevate community living with seamless access control.

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ATG Digital - Access Control and Community Management - EstateMate App.png
ATG Digital - Seamless Residents and Visitors Access Control -EstateMate QR Code Invitatio
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The resident would like to invite a visitor

The resident seamlessly pre-registers their visitor via the EstateMate app, providing comprehensive details and setting visit parameters

The visitor receives a QR Code invitation via email or WhatsApp with all relevant visit details

The visitor presents the QR code to either the At The Gate scanning device or our ATG Facial Recognition reader. Successful scan grants access.

Integration benefits.

Streamlined Communication

Foster seamless interaction between residents and management, eliminating communication barriers for a more connected community.

Secure Visitor Access

Ensure timely and secure visitor access through advanced QR code technology, empowering residents to manage and monitor visitor entries effectively.

Real-time Notifications

Receive instant notifications for host approval or denial of visitor access, enhancing security with prompt decision-making based on real-time information.

See ATG Digital and EstateMate in action.

Elevate your community living experience with the seamless integration of ATG Digital and EstateMate. From efficient communication between residents and management to secure and convenient visitor access, our collaboration simplifies access control, visitor management, and community living. Join us in driving change together.

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