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Monitor all vehicle and foot traffic
Face recognition technology for touchless door access
POPI & GDPR compliant
Visitor movement reports
Set visiting restrictions
Touchless registration for reduced Covid-19 exposure
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Improved service delivery, security, information privacy and defence against germ-spreading are the top priorities in every healthcare facility in South Africa. We've created a unique, no-touch, electronic solution that enhances access control for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Improving Hospital Security with No-Touch Access Management



Security Software for the Healthcare Industry

Our efficient solutions control access of patients, medical staff and visitors discreetly.

We understand that all care facilities need a security product that improves service delivery and gives peace of mind.

Solutions suitable for all types of healthcare providers:

  • Hospitals

  • Clinics

  • Birth centres

  • Blood banks

  • Dialysis centres

  • Hospice homes

  • Imaging and radiology centres



  • Rehabilitation facilities

  • Nursing homes

  • Retirement homes

  • Medical centres

  • Pharmacies

  • Doctors' rooms

  • Dental practices

This is what we need!

ATG Digital's
Access Management Security Software


Staff, Patient and Visitor Surveillance

Track time spent on-premises and view insights to enhance access control systems in hospitals and more.


Barcode Scanning Technology

Capture these crucial details in seconds. Plus, keep a visual record of persons for security purposes.

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Touchless Registration and Access

Reduce the exposure and transmission risk of Covid-19 with no touch, self-service registration and biometric facial recognition access control for doors.


Instant Mobile Notifications

Instantly notify staff of any patient-related information they might need to know or of any possible danger.


Identity Verification Technology

Verify the authenticity of people trying to enter your premises without authorisation.


POPI Compliant Visitor Management System

Safeguard against falsified information.

Everything on our system is POPI compliant.

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Set visiting restrictions or deny entry to individuals

Enforce visiting restrictions, access to certain areas or block specific unwanted individuals entering your premises.

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Electronic Visitor Access Data Storage

Encrypted and secure electronic records. Restrict access to authorised personnel by department or authorisation. Pull reports instantly.


Customisable Forms

Customise information required on entry and exit—for example, the declaring of valuable items.


Time and Attendance

Use facial recognition to eliminate buddy clock-in. Set mandatory clock-in requirements to ensure patrols in high-risk areas.


ATG Digital Hospital Security Suite

ATG Digital - Access Control - Boom Gate

At The Gate

The best gate access control system to secure your premises.

At The Gate provides positive visitor identification for corporate office parks, lifestyle estates, complexes, and gated communities.

ATG Digital - Visitor Management - Reception

At Reception

An elegantly simple, self-service visitor sign-in solution.

Register visitors, print ID badges and announce guest arrival with a few simple screen taps. 

ATG Digital - Visitor Management - Webcam


Cutting-edge visitor management system for Covid-19.

ATR Web introduces contactless visitor processing by moving the entire sign-in experience directly onto your existing reception computer/laptop. 

ATG Digital - Facial Recognition

ATG Facial

SA's ultimate access control and clock-in system. 

Advanced facial recognition technology enables touchless visitor, employee and contractor management.

Let us customise a solution for your organisation.

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