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ATG Facial

Advanced Facial Recognition Access Control

Unlock security with seamless biometric access.

Experience a new era of access control with ATG Facial. This advanced solution combines facial recognition technology with seamless access and management for visitors, employees, and contractors. Say goodbye to traditional sign-in processes and welcome a touchless, modern and secure experience.

Dynamic and touchless sign-in for every visitor.

ATG Facial offers versatile sign-in options to accommodate various visitor types, ensuring a smooth and secure entry experience

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ATG Facial offers tailored sign-in methods: regulars breeze through with facial recognition, occasional guests use QR codes for touchless entry, and a temporary PIN option ensures access in any situation. This ensures a seamless, secure, and efficient entry process for all, elevating your access control experience.

Easily control all access points for companies, corporate office parks, lifestyle estates, complexes, gated communities – or anywhere that requires positive visitor identification.

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Benefits of ATG Facial biometric authentication sign-in.

Enhanced Security

Say goodbye to traditional keycards or manual registers. ATG Facial provides an extra layer of security with biometric verification, ensuring only authorised individuals gain access.

Seamless Entry Experience

Experience a touchless and frictionless sign-in process. With facial recognition, authorised personnel can enter effortlessly, saving time and ensuring a seamless visit.

Effortless Visitor Registration

Automate the registration process, making it hassle-free for both guests and staff. Recording visitor information is now a breeze.

Efficient Employee Management

ATG Facial streamlines time and attendance tracking for employees. With touch-free sign-ins, gain complete oversight of personnel movement, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

Contractor Management

Gain full control over contractor activities with ATG Facial. Monitor time on-site, off-site movements, and induction records from a centralised platform, ensuring precise and accurate payroll management.

Centralised Access Control

Manage and monitor access from a centralised platform. ATG Facial provides oversight of all entry points, ensuring better control, security, and peace of mind.

How our facial recognition access control systems work.

Simple setup, no installation required. We promise straightforward billing. Pay one fee per device per month. When you partner with us, you can expect no additional license fees or hidden costs.

Pre-registration and  pre-arrival

Auto-screen visitors against watchlists, flagging flagged visits.

Simplify registration; pre-register expected visitors with details

Send secure QR code invitations with time and access restrictions

Plan for and manage capacity limitations efficiently

Arrival and on site

Present face, enter pin or use QR Code Invitations to verify visitor identity

Capture custom data for site requirements (e.g., reason for visit)

Instant host notifications on visitor arrival.

Auto-print custom ID badges for quick identification

Real-time count and visibility of on-site individuals

Conduct roll calls for emergencies and attendance tracking

Restrict entry to designated/specific areas

Sign out and post-visit

Random exit searches for enhanced security measures

Generate custom scheduled reports

Access custom analytics dashboard for insights

Instant notifications of departures and/or incidents

ATG Facial smart face detection key features.

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Live Entries List

This powerful tool provides a comprehensive view of all movements, complete with specific details for each interaction. Easily search and filter entries and exits, enabling quick access to the information you need.

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