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Touchless Access Control System

ATG Facial


Touchless Guest Registration

SA's ultimate contactless visitor management and clock-in system!

ATG Facial is a robust touchless access control system that uses cutting-edge face detection technology to create a seamless and secure visitor sign-in process.

This cloud-based system replaces outdated manual sign-in books and will stay relevant no matter how health and security regulations may change.

You can customise the required information fields to include a temperature in line with COVID-19 track and trace requirements.  We offer contactless visitor and employee sign-in too.

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ATG Facial is an affordable security system for secure, contactless entry and exit at offices, factories and residential properties.

Facial Recognition App for


Our digitised contactless sign-in app helps offices to manage visitors, employees and contractors through automation technology. Categorise, download and print reports for assessment in a matter of seconds.

Eliminate unhygienic time-and-paper-wasting registration at the front desk and instantly increase building security.

Special Covid-19 feature alert! You can activate a setting that only allows people entry if they are wearing a mask correctly.

Elegant Digitised Visitor Management

Make visitor sign-ins quick and seamless with the user-friendly ATG Facial touchless access control system. This modern technology will impress clients and allow them to feel safer both inside and outside your premises.

First-time visitors get sent a meeting request with a personalised QR code. A quick scan will grant them immediate access.

Biometric Time and Attendance System

Get the full picture of all personnel movement and attendance.

ATG Facial gives you controlled access for restricted rooms. It aids in limiting the number of people who enter a room or only grants access to authorised personnel.

Contractor Management

Automatically collect all necessary information about contractors by registering them on the system. At any time, you can check the app and view any information that you wish, like time-on-site, off-site, inductions and more.

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The Benefits of

Biometric Authentication Sign-in

time (1).png

Time Tracking

Track everyone's time spent on-premises. Get insights into how you can improve business processes and productivity.


Fully Integrated Safety Solutions

Connect the system seamlessly with your surveillance and security measures.


Client Arrival Notifications

The second an expected visitor is granted access, a mobile notification of arrival is sent to the host.


Clocking System for Small and Big Businesses

Keep a paperless record of your employee's movements and get a mobile notification if staff are not where they meant to be.

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POPI Compliant Software

Safeguard against falsified information. Our web-based visitor management system is entirely POPI  act compliant.


Affordable Security System

An economical monthly security software package with no hidden costs.


Visitor Authentication 

Verify the authenticity of people trying to enter your building without pre-authorisation.


Highly customisable application

Customise information required on entry and exit - for example, declaring laptops.

ATG Facial's Touchless Access Control System

How it Works

ATG Facial is a professional touchless access control system for businesses of all sizes.

Our sophisticated self-service visitor sign-in elevates your brand image, creating a positive first impression from the moment guests and suppliers arrive at your door.

Instantly strengthen the safety of your offices and private property from the moment set-up is complete.

Simple System Installation and Set-up

Our skilled ATG Digital team will come to your offices and install durable android devices (with built-in cameras) at your specified entrance points. All the software is uploaded before our arrival.

With just a single sign-in, you're ready to register members on the system.

Visitor Check-In


Guests sign in automatically by standing in front of the camera on arrival.


The system uses facial recognition software to register a person's entry.


Hosts immediately receive a mobile notification of sign in


All relevant information like the time on-premises and more is recorded live for reporting.

In/Out Dashboard

You can see who is still on your premises and who has left by categorising into staff, suppliers, clients and more. Only pre-authorised members will be able to access this information.

Keep Track

The ATG Facial solution is excellent for security, visitor control, deliveries, or employees' clocking.

The data collected can be easily searched and filtered in our user-friendly back-end. You can also download, print or email and desired data. Everything is conveniently captured in an easy-to-read spreadsheet.

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Always On Support Team

We have a dedicated support team available to answer your queries, 24/7.

In the event of damage or a fault, we will immediately replace a device even while insurance claims are under review.

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