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On The Container

Smart Container Security Solutions

Accuracy and transparency throughout the supply chain

On The Container is a cutting-edge and agile logistics solution designed to provide unrivaled security,  transparency, and control over your 
supply chain. Embrace the power of state-of-the-art technology to streamline your operations and gain full visibility of your assets at all times.

Solving container security challenges

Enjoy state-of-the-art technology ready to cater all your logistic needs

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Streamline truck access control by recording precise details for identification and verifying driver credentials. Additionally, capture gate pass info for streamlined processes and maintain comprehensive records of any discrepencies or damages.

For seamless container access control, scan and integrate details to ensure accountability and gain real-time insights. Customise data to unique operational needs and activate automatic alerts for swift incident response.

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Benefits of On The Container scanning solution.

Unrivaled Security

Ensure the safety and protection of your valuable assets with advanced container tracking and real-time monitoring.

Inter-Branch Transparency

Gain full visibility of your containers and site, empowering you with accurate, live data for informed decision-making.

Efficient Truck
Access Control

Streamline operations by accurately recording truck details, verifying driver credentials, and capturing gate pass information for seamless entry processes.

Inspections & Damage Control

Quickly inspect, document and capture any damages to vehicles, ensuring timely maintenance and claims processing.

Enhanced Accountability

Verify and document driver credentials, providing enhanced accountability and traceability for every container movement.

Compliance Assurance

Stay fully compliant with industry regulations by easily managing and verifying essential documents such as PDPs, licenses, certificates, and more.

How our container management solutions work.

Simple setup, no installation required. We promise straightforward billing. Pay one fee per device per month. When you partner with us, you can expect no additional license fees or hidden costs.

Pre-registration and  pre-arrival

Auto-screen visitors against watchlists, flagging flagged visits.

Pre-register drivers, fleet, gate passes and container details in advance

Verify and manage essential documents such as PDPs, licenses, certificates, and more

Plan for and manage capacity limitations efficiently

Conduct and manage essential pre-site inductions before arrival

Arrival and on site

Scan ID, driver's license, and license disc and capture detailed container information

Capture custom data for site requirements (e.g., type of load)

Instant notifications on container arrival.

Verify driver credentials for enhanced accountability and traceability of container movements.

Real-time count and visibility of on-site individuals

Conduct roll calls for emergencies and attendance tracking

Capture gate pass information and order numbers 


Random exit searches for enhanced security measures

Generate custom scheduled reports

Access custom analytics dashboard for insights

Instant notifications of departures and/or incidents

On The Container smart container scanning key features.

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ATG Digital - On The Container - Features_Live Entry.png

Live Entries List

This powerful tool provides a comprehensive view of all movements, complete with specific details for each interaction. Easily search and filter entries and exits, enabling quick access to the information you need.

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