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Container Security Solutions

On The Container


Accuracy throughout the

supply chain

On The Container is an agile and customisable logistics solution providing state-of-the-art security, transparency and control of your supply chain.

Never have to worry about losing a container again. On The Container has been designed by our experts at ATG digital to simplify container logistics.

Our cloud-based container security system scans and captures detailed container information on arrival at the storage yard. It provides a transparent, live and accurate view of your assets and site at all times.

ATG Digital - On The Container - Contain

Solving container security challenges

Our unique digital system combines OCR and ATG digital's proprietary technology to enhance every aspect of your site's security, efficiency, access control, and SLA maintenance.

It also includes a safety feature that integrates our technology with your existing alarm and surveillance systems.

Improving container

Security Standards

Partnering with ATG Digital and implementing On The Container will immediately stop endless, inefficient paperwork. Now you can automate receipt and storage of shipments on sign-in.

What You Get with ATG Digital's On The Container Security Solution

  • A turnkey software solution for convenient, safe container tracking on and off-site.

  • Speedy, straightforward scanning of the delivery truck license disk, driver's licence information, receipt number, container number, clamp number, seal number, and verification that the seal is intact.

  • Cloud security, data is controlled via a user-friendly web-based interface.

  • POPIA certified processes, features and storage.

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On The Container Scanning Solution 


Enjoy state-of-the-art technology ready to cater all your logistic needs

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Monitor Date/Time

Capture, monitor and track date and time of all departures and arrivals

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Create Incidents

Activate automatic alerts on incidents such as expired driver's licences or licence discs


Container Notifications

Automatically receive notifications the minute a container arrives



Unlimited customisation in input and output data, e.g. Gate pass shown, KM reading, route number, and more

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Accurate Driver Details

Ensure accurate driver details by scanning their ID's/licences


Damage Control

Quickly and easy collect and view any recorded damages to vehicles, trucks or containers


Record Container Details

Scan clamp, seal numbers and any other container details you require


Schedule Reports

Quickly and automatically generate daily, weekly or monthly visitation reports using custom data points

On The Container 

How it Works

Simple Installation and Setup 

We have a dedicated support team available to answer your queries, 24/7.

In the event of damage or a fault, we will immediately replace a device—even while insurance claims are under review.

24-Hour Support from Expert Professionals

You can see who is still on your premise, how long they have been there for, and who has left by checking into the In/Out Dashboard. This feature also allows you to see how much capacity you have left on your premises instantly.

Don't worry about confidential information falling into the wrong hands. Only authorised management and staff will be able to access this information.

Digital In/Out Dashboard

ATG Digital - On The Container - Container Dashboard

We provide a durable android device that is already set up for you—no need to worry about the drag of on-premises hardware or software installations.

A single sign-in integrates the system with Google apps, and you're ready to go.

Our cloud-based solution works on multiple devices, allowing for more than one entry point to use the solution simultaneously.

ATG Digital - On The Container - Container Scanner

Container Security Tools

Special Features

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Each sim card is set up with 2GB of data monthly – allowing up to 25 000 entries and exits*.


Photo functionality. Capture the seals and tags condition throughout storage, and ensure exits match entries.


Track the driver's details for increased security.


Regularly capture seals throughout storage.


Customise entries and exits criteria such as clients, dates, and more.


Check how long trucks or containers have been on your premises.


No limit to the number of devices per property.


Automated syncing between devices and back-end management.


Flag blocked and false licenses and prohibit access.


Quickly generate daily, weekly or monthly container shipment reports using custom data points.


Training and support included.


Pay one fee per month for the full service

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