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FMCG Access and Visitor Management Solutions

Elevate food facility safety

Enhance security and streamline operations at your food and beverage plant with ATG Digital's comprehensive visitor management solutions. Our robust access control and visitor management system ensure food defense and safety compliance, providing a seamless experience for both staff and visitors.

Smart and secure food facility access solutions.

Secure your FMCG operations and boost efficiency with ATG Digital's advanced access control measures. From contractor induction screening to capturing parcel details, incident reports, and real-time movement reports, our solutions ensure precision and reduce risks, contributing to increased productivity throughout the supply chain.

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Robust access control for food plant safety.

Unveiling the top and industry-favourite features for FMCG facilities.


Screen and secure contractors entering your facility either prior to or on-site, featuring questions and alerts for thorough checks, ensuring safety and compliance.

Capture Parcel Photographs and Details

Efficiently manage parcel deliveries. Capture photographs and details of incoming parcels, providing a transparent and accountable system for tracking deliveries within your food and beverage plant.

Incident Reports and Movements

Stay informed and proactive with incident reports and notifications. ATG Digital enables real-time reporting and alerts, allowing you to address and resolve incidents promptly, enhancing overall facility safety.

Driver NFC Cards

Boost operational efficiency by issuing pre-registered NFC cards to drivers for quick and secure access and egress in food plant access management.

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Custom process flows for FMCG facilities.

Explore how ATG Digital caters to diverse visitor types in the food and beverage industry. From contractors to suppliers, our tailored solutions ensure a seamless and secure entry experience.

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ATG Digital - Visitors in Logistics and Warehousing


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Benefits of Food and Beverage Access Control Solutions.

Enhanced Security

Ensure the utmost protection for your food and beverage facilities. Our advanced access control system guarantees a secure environment, preventing unauthorised access and safeguarding valuable assets.

Inspections & Damage Control

Facilitate thorough inspections and minimise the risk of damage. Our solution provides detailed logs and reports, aiding in the quick identification of issues and enabling prompt action to prevent potential disruptions.

Improved Efficiency

Streamline operations and enhance efficiency by automating visitor processes and reducing waiting times.

Incident Reporting & Analysis

Effortlessly document and analyse incidents, including damages and exceeded time on-site, empowering proactive preventive measures and continuous security protocol improvement.

Complete Transparency

Gain complete transparency in visitor movements, delivery schedules, and overall facility access.

Designated Area Management

Efficiently manage and control access to designated areas within your facility, optimising workflow and security.

Explore top-picked security systems for the FMCG industry.

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Smart Gate Access Control System

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