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Contractor induction screening
Capture parcel photographs and details
Incident reports and notifications
Staff and visitor movement reports
Screening questions with alerts either prior to or on-site
Trucks time on- and off-site

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Food defence is no small task. ATG Digital strengthens food plant access control and front desk visitor management. Our touchless electronic and biometric access controls satisfy your food production facility's complex needs, from visitor check-in to POPIA and OHSA compliance.

Improve Food Facility Safety



Food Defence with ATG Digital

Robust access control is crucial to facility safety. At The Gate provides complete driver and delivery transparency. You can manage data collection and contractor compliance from one easy-to-use system. Quickly collect and view information regarding drivers, deliveries, trucks on- and off-site, and more!

At The Gate centralises all activity logs, security events, compliance documents and digital signatures, giving you a single big picture view across numerous locations.


That's not all! At Reception, an elegantly simple, self-service visitor sign-in solution, and ATR Web, its cutting-edge COVID-screening counterpart, make visitor registration a dream.


ATG Facial, our proprietary facial recognition software, enables touchless visitor, employee and contractor management. It doubles up as an employee check-in/out system and allows you to pre-authorise individuals' access to restricted areas.

This is the plant security solution I need!

The Benefits of ATG Digital's

Food Plant Access Control and Visitor Management Solutions


Contactless entry

Allow visitors, contractors and staff to enter completely touchless, minimising the risk of Covid-19 spread and food contamination


Share guidelines

Make health and safety rules known by presenting guidelines using images or mandatory videos.

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Driver NFC cards

Quickly identify drivers by scanning their pre-registered NFC card.

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Truck inspection

Implement daily or weekly truck or vehicle inspections via the device.


Collection control

Scan, monitor and track what deliveries took place, who signed for them and when.

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Check all-time analytics, or dig deeper into a specific date range for insights on trucks, deliveries and more


Damage control

Record and track any damage related issues either on the vehicle or the parcels.

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Create incidents

Activate automatic alerts on incidents such as expired PDP, drivers licences or licence discs

Full Suite Access Control and Visitor Management Solutions 

We offer a full range of digitised identity verification, registration and access control services to suit your facility safety needs. Do your operations extend further into the supply chain than food manufacturing alone? Take a look at what we can do for you.

ATG Digital - Access Control - Boom Gate

At The Gate

The best gate access control system to secure your premises.

At The Gate provides positive visitor identification for corporate office parks, lifestyle estates, complexes, and gated communities.

ATG Digital - Visitor Management - Webcam


Cutting-edge visitor management system for Covid-19.

ATR Web introduces contactless visitor processing by moving the entire sign-in experience directly onto your existing reception computer/laptop. 

Want a customised solution?

ATG Digital - Visitor Management - Reception

At Reception

An elegantly simple, self-service visitor sign-in solution.

Register visitors, print ID badges and announce guest arrival with a few simple screen taps. 

ATG Digital - Facial Recognition

ATG Facial

SA's ultimate access control and clock-in system. 

Advanced facial recognition technology enables touchless visitor, employee and contractor management.

ATG Digital - Container Scanning - Container

On The Container

Container security solutions for improved shipment safety.

Our proprietary ATG digital technology with OCR enhances every aspect of your site's efficiency, access control and SLA maintenance.

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