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Empowerment begins with trust

To create a safer world empowered by digital transformation, we handle your data securely and in compliance with privacy and legal requirements.

Explore our compliance and agreement docs:

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Privacy Statement

The purpose of this policy statement is to expand upon our Privacy Policy and to describe the way in which we collect, store, use, and most importantly protect data that is associated with any Data Subject


External Privacy Policy

ATG guarantees its commitment to protecting the Data Subject’s privacy and ensuring that their personal information is used appropriately, transparently, securely and in accordance with applicable laws, both within South Africa and outside of it.


PAIA Policy

Protection of access to information - This Policy sets out the manner in which ATG deals with Information and how it can be accessed, in accordance with PAIA.


Register of Interpretations

See our legal FAQ's 

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Record Retention Policy

This outlines the ATG procedures to create, preserve and access ATG records. To ensure that our records are accurate and secure, we ask our employees to adhere to this policy.

Are you POPI compliant?

A guide to help you understand and master being POPI compliant

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