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Register of Interpretations

Legal FAQ's

  • Are you considered to be a Responsible Party or an Operator?
    Both We are the Operator regarding the data captured by ATG devices at the sites of our customers We are the Responsible Party regarding the data we collect through our normal business operations (Customer, Supplier, Staff)
  • Are you obliged to become compliant with POPIA?
    Yes we are, as both an Operator and a Responsible Party
  • Do you need to register with the Regulator?
    Yes, as an Operator regarding the data we collect on behalf of customers
  • Do you need an Information Officer?
    Yes we do, and this IO will also need to be registered with the Regulator
  • Do you need to consider PAIA?
    Yes, in order to show how we intend to handle requests for information
  • Do you process personal information?
    Yes we do
  • What kind of personal information do you process?
    Scanned Data from Customer Sites Customer Data (Names, Reg Numbers, Banking Details, Contact Details) Supplier Data (Names, Reg Numbers, Banking Details, Contact Details) Staff Data (Names, ID Numbers, Bank Details, Special Personal Information, Contact Details)
  • Do you need consent from the data subject?
  • Do you need to train staff on POPIA?
  • Do you need a Complaints Procedure?
  • Are you responsible for determining the Retention Periods?
    Only for the information we gather as the Responsible Party For the information we collect as an Operator, our customer will determine the Retention Periods.
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