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School Access & Visitor Management Solutions

Safe access, secure learning

Step into the future of education with ATG Digital's access control solutions. We blend cutting-edge security measures with seamless operations to create a safe and efficient learning environment. Explore our innovative features designed to meet the unique needs of schools, ensuring a secure and conducive atmosphere for students and staff.

Streamline campus visits with visitor and contractor management

Whether it's Basic Education, High Schools, Universities, or TVETs, ATG Digital's access control and visitor management system seamlessly aligns with your safety and security policies, catering to the unique needs of educational institutions of any size.

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Empowering schools with more secure operations

Unveiling the top and industry-favourite features for secure educational facilities.

Staff Time and Attendance

Efficiently monitor staff attendance to enhance operational efficiency.

Real-Time Notifications

Receive instant alerts on student arrivals, departures, and any suspicious activities for proactive security.

Student IDs

Streamline identification with secure student ID management, ensuring swift entry and accurate record-keeping.

Roll Call

Conduct roll calls seamlessly, whether for emergencies, evacuations, drills, or random attendance checks.

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Student and contractor management for schools and universities.

Anticipate every arrival with confidence. Explore our tailored solutions for staff, contractors, parents and students. Discover a seamless and customisable process for every visitor, ensuring efficiency, security, and a warm welcome at your education campus.

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ATG Digital - Access control for teachers

Teachers & Staff

ATG Digital - Access Control Solutions for Visitors - Office Parks Visitor Management Solu


Benefits of access control for learning facilities.

Enhanced Security

Fortify your school against unauthorised access and potential threats with our state-of-the-art security measures, ensuring a secure and protected environment.

Improved Student Safety

Monitor student arrivals and departures, enabling quick response to any irregularities and enhancing overall student safety.

Emergency Preparedness

Facilitate efficient roll calls during emergencies, evacuations, drills, or random attendance checks, enhancing overall emergency preparedness and response.

Customisable Access Control

Tailor access permissions to specific areas and timeframes, providing flexibility and heightened security to meet the unique needs of your educational facility.

POPIA Compliance

Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations, safeguarding visitor information and maintaining the highest standards of data protection.

Parental Peace of Mind

Provide parents with peace of mind by implementing robust security measures and keeping them informed about their child's attendance and safety within the educational premises.

Explore top-picked security solutions for educational campuses.

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Smart Gate Access Control System

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