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ATG Digital - Access Control Solutions for Complexes and Estates

Residential Estate Access Control Solutions

Secured living, simplified access

Effortlessly manage and track visitor and pedestrian traffic while ensuring authenticity and vehicle data accuracy. Elevate your residential security with ATG Digital's innovative access control solutions.

Lightning-fast identity, vehicle and visit verification.

Mastering Fort Knox-level protection while ensuring a seamless entry and exit experience for residents and visitors is essential. The key lies in lightning-fast and accurate verification of identities, vehicles and visits.

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Residential essentials.

Unveiling the top and industry-favourite features for secure estates.

Scan to Call

Enjoy the convenience of automated calls for instant entry permissions or denials.

Arrival Notifications

Let residents know the minute their visitor arrives with instant arrival notifications.

QR Code Invitations

Seamlessly manage guest and staff access by sending QR code invitations with customisable validity periods and time-based restrictions.

Flag and Block

Enhance security by flagging or blocking unwanted visitors, receiving immediate alerts when unauthorised access is attempted.

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Be prepared for every visitor.

Anticipate every arrival with confidence. Explore our tailored solutions for residents, workers, deliveries, and guests. Discover a seamless and customisable process for every visitor, ensuring efficiency, security, and a warm welcome at your residential complex.

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Domestic Workers + Contractors

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Deliveries & Collections

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Family, Friends & Expected Guests

Benefits of Residential Complex Security Systems.

Enhanced Security

Enhance the overall security of your estate by preventing unauthorised access and implementing advanced authentication measures.

Customisable Solution

Tailor the access control system to meet the unique needs of your community, adjusting settings and permissions for a personalised security solution.

Improved Efficiency

Streamline entry processes, reducing congestion and ensuring a smooth flow of residents and visitors for an efficient and hassle-free experience.

POPIA Compliant

Ensure data privacy and compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), fostering trust among residents and visitors. ATG is 100% POPIA compliant.

Complete Transparency

Gain clear insights into visitor traffic and access data, fostering transparency and accountability within your gated community.

Save Time

Eliminate long queues and waiting times at the gate, allowing residents and their guests to swiftly enter and exit the premises.

Explore top-picked security systems for your residential estate.

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Smart Gate Access Control System

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