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Manage visitor authenticity and vehicle data
Real-time alerts on suspicious activity
POPI & GDPR compliant
Visitor movement reports
Visitor arrival notifications
Integratable IOT camera for licence plate verification
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Improve security and add value to your housing complex by investing in the ATG Digital residential estate access control system. It is an entirely touchless solution that replaces dated book-and-pen visitor verification systems.

Security for Complexes and Estates



Speedy and Secure Residential Complex Security Systems

Our revolutionary residential estate access control system relieves traffic congestion at the gate.

It is designed to enforce stringent security measures that uphold current legislation. The streamlined digital set-up is POPIA compliant, giving you extra peace of mind and allowing you to concentrate on your core estate management duties.

Gate Access Control Systems for

Residential Lifestyle and Security Estates

ATG Digital's cloud-based estate security systems securely track residents, visitors, staff, and contractors.

Drivers Licence Scanner and Visitor Management

At The Gate is our flagship access control product. Our handheld driver's and vehicle licence scanning system was developed in 2014 in response to a growing need for fast, accurate visitor authentication.

How it works

Entrance Control

  • Simply scan the license disc on the car upon arrival.

  • Scan the visitor's driver's license**.

  • An email will automatically be sent to the person who is expecting the visitor.

Managing Exits

  • Scan the license disc again when the vehicle exits.

  • All data is captured and stored in an easy to use back-end.

At The Gate Smart Premises Security 

Special Features

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Up to 25 000 entries and exits per device.

Photo functionality enabled to capture suspicious visitors or to ensure that exits match entries simply.

Pre-authorise guests with handy invitation tools.

Customise the criteria for entries and exits.

Load and save regular visitors for even faster access control.

No limit to the number of devices per premises.


Automated syncing between devices and back-end management.


Manually add crucial additional information to entries and exists when needed.

Training and support included.


The integration possibilities are endless.

The Benefits of 

Residential Estate Access Control Systems


Contactless entry

Allow visitors and contractors to enter completely touchless by holding up their licence for the guard to scan

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Create incidents

Activate automatic alerts on incidents such as expired drivers licences or licence discs

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POPI Compliant

Our web-based visitor management system is 100 % POPIA compliant.



Customise information required on entry and exit, as requiring visitors to sign agreements or Covid-19 control forms.


QR Code authorisation

Pre-register visitors and automatically send them your location and a QR code for a quick and easy sign-in.

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Mobile Notifications

Notifies hosts of guest arrival and keeps track of all vital information.

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Screen & Block

Set criteria visitors must meet to come on-site and check if they appear on internal or third-party watch lists.


Schedule reports

Quickly and automatically generate daily, weekly or monthly visitation reports using custom data points


You may also like these ATG Digital Security Solutions

We specialise in smart, secure and straightforward visitor management and access control systems for any application. Our touchless electronic solutions help you to seamlessly record all your visitors' information while creating a professional impression for guests.

All of our solutions are interoperable, allowing you to scale your residential estate access control system at will.

ATG Digital - Access Control - Boom Gate

At The Gate

The best gate access control system to secure your premises.

At The Gate provides positive visitor identification for corporate office parks, lifestyle estates, complexes, and gated communities.

ATG Digital - Visitor Management - Reception

At Reception

An elegantly simple, self-service visitor sign-in solution.

Register visitors, print ID badges and announce guest arrival with a few simple screen taps. 

ATG Digital - Visitor Management - Webcam


Cutting-edge visitor management system for Covid-19.

ATR Web introduces contactless visitor processing by moving the entire sign-in experience directly onto your existing reception computer/laptop. 

ATG Digital - Facial Recognition

ATG Facial

SA's ultimate access control and clock-in system. 

Advanced facial recognition technology enables touchless visitor, employee and contractor management.

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