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Convenient Gate Access Control Systems in South Africa

At The Gate

The fast and affordable access control solution for your public or private premises.

At The Gate makes it easy to account for every person moving through your building or estate. It's trouble-free for visitors, convenient for employees, and provides reporting and control for management. The all-in-one system keeps your people and your data safe.

Secure your premises,

your people, your assets.


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Scan vehicle and drivers licences, and authenticate visitor data in real-time with our POPIA compliant wireless gate access control system.

ATG Digital - Access Control - Boom Gate

Easily control all access points for companies, corporate office parks, lifestyle estates, complexes, gated communities – or anywhere that requires positive visitor identification.

ATG Digital - Access Control - Licence Scanner

Enhance Security and Visitor Sign-In at

High Volume Access Points

Scan accurate data directly from vehicle and driver's licenses, ID cards or barcoded entry tickets.

At The Gate turnkey access control software gives you:

  • Speedy and straightforward scanning of vehicle and drivers licence information.

  • Convenient, safe tracking of who is entering and exiting.

  • POPI Act certified visitor registration.

  • Secure cloud storage and access via a user-friendly web-based interface.

At The Gate allows for super-fast scanning that reduces queues and creates a professional impression.

Benefits of At The Gate 

Digitised Access Control

Eliminate the outdated and insecure paper-based access control registers and meet compliance requirements.

Simple and Strategic Surveillance Control

For Security Guards

  • Capture accurate vehicle and visitor details in seconds.

  • Relieves congestion—faster entry and exit.

  • No-touch scanning.

For Managers

  • Accurate, legible data scanned directly from barcodes.

  • Tracks employee check-in and check-out times.

  • POPI Act compliant.

  • Real-time reporting and cloud backup.

Secure Handheld Drivers Licence Scanner

Protect Information

  • Data is instantly uploaded to the cloud, not saved on the device—mitigating risks.

  • Only authorised users can view captured data.

Prevent Intruders

  • Flag blocked and false licenses for "no entry".

  • Customise access rights for individuals at high-security points.

Protected Web-based Security Software

Easy Support

  • The back-end is accessible from anywhere at any time, from any android device.

Quick Data Capturing

  • Simply scan the visitor's licence disc and drivers licence.

Customise Platform

  • There are multiple functions available for your manipulation—both on the physical scanning device and the web-based management system.

Speedy System Updates

  • Updates are available at the click of a button.

Instantaneous Reporting

  • Generate daily, weekly or monthly visitation reports using custom data points.

  • Download updated information in a matter of seconds.

Quick Online Sign-in

  • Only a single sign-on is required via Google apps. No additional passwords or users required.

Affordable Gate Access Control Systems in South Africa

We promise straightforward billing. Pay one fee per device per month.

When you partner with us, you can expect no additional license fees or hidden costs. 

How our Access Control Systems for Complexes Work

  • We provide you with a durable, pre-configured handheld driver's license scanning device.

  • All it takes is a sign in via Google apps, and you're ready to go.

  • Each sim card is set up with 2GB of data monthly – allowing up to 25 000 entries and exits*.

Simple Setup - No Installation Required.

Arrivals and Departures Security Measures for Business and Residential Premises

Managing Exits

  • Scan the license disc again when the vehicle exits.

  • All data is captured and stored in an easy to use back-end.

Our cloud-based solution allows for unified security at numerous entry/exit points.

QR Codes - Visitor Authentication

Pre-Authorise visitors with system-generated QR Codes. This is an ideal solution for pedestrians and visitors who carpool or arrive in public transport.

Each QR Code specifies validity dates and number of entries allowed.

In/Out Security Dashboard

See precisely who is still on your premises and who has left. Our dashboard lets you easily filter live reports by staff, fleet, visitors and more!

24-Hour Support from Expert Professionals

We have a dedicated 24/7-support team available to answer your queries.

In the event of damage or a fault, we will immediately replace a device even while insurance claims are under review.

ATG Digital - Access Control - Dashboard
  • Simply scan the license disc on the car upon arrival.

  • Scan the visitor's driver's license**.

  • An email will automatically be sent to the person who is expecting the visitor.

Entrance Control

At The Gate Smart Premises Security 

Special Features

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Up to 25 000 entries and exits per device.

Photo functionality enabled to capture suspicious visitors or to ensure that exits match entries simply.

Pre-authorise guests with handy invitation tools.

Customise the criteria for entries and exits.

Load and save regular visitors for even faster access control.

No limit to the number of devices per premises.


Automated syncing between devices and back-end management.


Manually add crucial additional information to entries and exists when needed.

Training and support included.


The integration possibilities are endless.

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