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Invite your visitors with the same app you chat to them with

Elevate your visitor management experience with ATG Digital's WhatsApp Integration. Effortlessly send invitations, categorise visitors, and ensure quick and efficient access - all within the app you already use. Simplify your visitor onboarding with ATG Digital's innovative solutions. Explore our customisable offerings and embrace the future of visitor management.

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ATG Digital - Whatsapp Integration - Access Control - Invite your visitors via

WhatsApp integration for quick and efficient visitor invitations.

ATG Digital's WhatsApp Invitations redefines visitor management, providing a suite of robust features to enhance your organisational efficiency. With intuitive category setup, effortlessly tailor visitor categories, timeframes, and parameters according to your organisation's unique requirements.

Intuitive Category Setup

Effortlessly set up visitor categories, defining time and visit parameters via the ATG backend with the help of our solution architects.

User-Friendly Invitation Process

Sign in visitors by sending their first and last names to ATG's WhatsApp number, guiding them through a user-friendly and prompt-driven process.

Instant Invitation Link

Send a unique invitation link, including a QR code, to your visitors within minutes, ensuring a quick and efficient onboarding experience.

Customisable Settings

Tailor the system to your specific needs by customising fields and workflows according to unique requirements.

How ATG and Whatsapp Invitations work.

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The host sets up visitor categories via the ATG backend with pre-determined time and visit parameters with the help of our solution architects.

The host sends the first and last name of their visitor to ATG's WhatsApp number and follows the prompts.

The host sends the link containing the QR code invitation to your visitor via WhatsApp.

Upon arrival, the visitor scans the QR code to the ATG Scanner, ATG Facial, or QR Reader solution for seamless access.

Integration benefits.

Branding & Identity

Personalise invitations according to your organisation's brand and logo, ensuring a professional and branded visitor experience.

Quick & Efficient

Within minutes, invite your visitors, select predefined categories, and send invitations with just a few clicks.

Customisable Selections & Workflows

Define visitor categories, time, and visit parameters effortlessly via the ATG backend with the assistance of our solution architects.

See ATG Digital Whatsapp Invitations in action.

Transform your hospitality, optimise workflows, and guarantee smooth access - all effortlessly integrated into your preferred communication app. Uncover simplicity, customisation, and innovation tailored for your organisation. Seize the opportunity to redefine your visitor experience today.

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