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Enhanced License Plate Recognition Access Control

Enhanced vehicle data verification for unparalleled security.

Experience unrivaled vehicle data verification with ATG Cam, our cutting-edge License Plate Recognition (LPR) solution. Designed to provide accurate and reliable information about each vehicle, ATG Cam eliminates manual data entry errors for a seamless and efficient verification process.

Seamless integration for streamlined processes.

Effortlessly automate access control with ATG Cam's License Plate Recognition, bidding farewell to manual tracking, handwritten badges, and paperwork.

ATG Digital - ATG Cam - License Plate Recognition - Scanning License Plate - Gate Automati

ATG Cam seamlessly integrates with existing access systems, cross-referencing license plate and disc details. It triggers alerts for irregularities and generates incident reports if needed. A snapshot is taken for added security as the gate opens.

For even greater automation, a relay can be added to the system. This ensures that the boom or gate only opens when the camera successfully matches the license disc and plate, further bolstering access control measures. This additional step adds an extra level of security to the process, providing peace of mind for facility managers and security personnel alike.

ATG Digital - ATG Cam - License Plate Recognition - Scanning License Plate - Gate Automati
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Benefits of ATG Cam smart vehicle identification solution.

Enhanced Security

By automating the opening of booms or gates upon positive vehicle identification, ATG Cam prevents potential security breaches, ensuring the safety of personnel and assets.

Efficient Access Control

ATG Cam streamlines the entry and exit process, reducing waiting times and enhancing overall security.

Precision in Data Entry

With the integration of OCR technology, ATG Cam accurately identifies license plates, reducing the risk of data entry mistakes.

POPIA Compliance

ATG Cam adheres to data protection regulations, ensuring the privacy and security of individuals.

Real-Time Monitoring & Alerts

Enjoy 24/7 monitoring and receive instant alerts for any irregularities, allowing for swift action and heightened security.

Access Point Transparency

ATG Cam provides complete transparency at access points, addressing the critical challenges of accurate verification and accountability.

How our LPR systems work.

Simple setup, no installation required. We promise straightforward billing. Pay one fee per device per month. When you partner with us, you can expect no additional license fees or hidden costs.

Pre-registration and  pre-arrival

Auto-screen vehicles against watchlists, flagging high risk or law reported entries

Pre-register vehicles for expected visits for an even quicker entry

Plan for and manage capacity limitations efficiently

Arrival and on site

Capture license registration details for enhanced vehicle verification

Instant host notifications on visitor arrival.

Real-time count and visibility of on-site individuals

If a license disc hasn't been scanned, the system promptly creates an incident report, maintaining a comprehensive record of all entries.

Sign out and post-visit

Random exit searches for enhanced security measures

Generate custom scheduled reports

Access custom analytics dashboard for insights

Instant notifications of departures and/or incidents

ATG Cam license plate recognition key features.

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Live Entries List

This powerful tool provides a comprehensive view of all movements, complete with specific details for each interaction. Easily search and filter entries and exits, enabling quick access to the information you need.

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