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Intelligent access control and law enforcement integration

Our collaboration with Metagrated provides a seamless solution into law enforcement and insurance fraud databases, offering unparalleled access to vital information. Discover how Metagrated transforms security with real-time data and automatic alerts.





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Enhance security and response with Metagrated.

Experience unparalleled security with Metagrated's automated reporting system. Our intelligent security criteria ensure that any vehicle flagged in our system is seamlessly uploaded in real-time. Should a listed vehicle attempt to access your site, rest easy knowing that this integrated security system sends an instant notification directly to you. This notification contains comprehensive details about the individual and the associated offense, empowering you with immediate, actionable insights.

Real-Time Monitoring

Benefit from Metagrated's cutting-edge real-time monitoring capabilities. Stay informed with up-to-the-minute insights into law enforcement databases and security-related incidents.

Instant Alerts & Notifications

Receive instant alerts and notifications, ensuring you are promptly informed of any security events.

Customisable Security Criteria

Tailor your security preferences that match your specific needs, providing a personalised and adaptive security experience.

Automatic Flag/Block

Take proactive measures by automatically flagging and, if needed, blocking individuals flagged in the system. 

How ATG and Metagrated help organisations stay ahead.

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The host sets up their desired security criteria through the ATG backend that's integrated into Metagrated, tailored to their specific defense requirements. Depending on the severity of the offense, customisable actions are determined for vehicle entry.

When a vehicle arrives on site, the advanced ATG Cam reads the license plate automatically and instantaneously.

If a flagged vehicle is detected based on your security criteria, predetermined actions are taken: entry allowed with notification or immediate blockage with notification.

All relevant data is securely uploaded to the cloud for easy access via automated reports or a custom live dashboard.

Integration benefits.

Enhanced Security

Stay steps ahead with automatic alerts for potential security threats, including stolen vehicles, cloned plates, and suspicious activities.

Effortless Integration

Metagrated seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, enhancing your security infrastructure without disrupting your operations.

Time-saving Automation

Streamline your security processes with automated notifications and response options, ensuring a rapid and efficient response to security incidents.

See ATG Digital's Metagrated integration in action.

Enhance your site's security with Metagrated's intelligent security system and integration solutions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the benefits of real-time access to law enforcement databases for up-to-date security information.

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