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Ultra-Fast Gate and Boom Automation Access Control

Welcome residents, tenants and staff with lightning speed!

Experience a new era of access control with ATG UHF RFID technology. No more fumbling for remotes, waiting in queues, or searching for ID tags. Frequent drivers can now glide through gates effortlessly, making entry a seamless and entirely contactless process.

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Security that sees you coming.

Give recognised vehicles express access with RFID access control. Never rummage for a remote or tag again.

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In a bustling residential estate, residents affix an RFID tag to their car's windscreen. As they approach the gate, the system instantly recognises their tag, allowing for swift and secure entry.

In a busy office park, vehicles equipped with RFID tags approach the gate. The system swiftly identifies the tag, granting seamless access without any manual intervention, streamlining entry for all parties and enhancing security.

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Benefits of ATG UHF RFID Access Control.

Optimised Security

Elevate your security protocols with advanced RFID technology, offering a robust solution against unauthorised access.

Seamless & Contactless Entry

Access gates with ease by simply driving up to them. No more searching for remotes or waiting in lines.

Safeguard Against Unauthorised Access

ATG UHF RFID technology ensures that only authorised vehicles gain entry, providing an additional layer of security.

Flag Blocked  Vehicles

Instantly mark vehicles that are not authorised for entry, preventing any unwanted access attempts.

Time-Based Access Restrictions

Set specific time frames for access, allowing entry only during designated periods, enhancing control over who enters and when.

Complete    Integration

ATG UHF seamlessly integrates with existing security systems, ensuring compatibility with your current infrastructure.

How our ultra-high frequency access control systems work.

Simple setup, no installation required. We promise straightforward billing. Pay one fee per device per month. When you partner with us, you can expect no additional license fees or hidden costs.

Authorisation and registration

Authorised vehicles are equipped with UHF RFID tags, each containing a unique identifier linked to individual profiles in the system.

Seamless    recognition

As an authorised vehicle approaches the gate, the UHF RFID reader instantly identifies the tag's unique signal, allowing for swift, contactless entry.

Real-Time monitoring and incident management

The system logs each access event in real-time, providing instant visibility into who is entering or exiting specific areas. In the event of unauthorised access attempts or security breaches, the system can generate immediate alerts, allowing for prompt action.

ATG UHF reader key features.

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Live Entries List

This powerful tool provides a comprehensive view of all movements, complete with specific details for each interaction. Easily search and filter entries and exits, enabling quick access to the information you need.

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