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Time and Attendance Solution

The most effective time and attendance tool on the market

Time and Attendance is crucial for workplace productivity. ATOM, a comprehensive web-based tool, optimises employee productivity and engagement by managing attendance, productivity, and absenteeism effectively.

Atom - Time and Attendance Solution - Access and Time Operations Management - Powered by A

Manage attendance, productivity and absenteeism.

Elevate your workforce management with precision attendance tracking, enhanced productivity insights, and effective absenteeism management—all in one comprehensive solution

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ATOM steps in as a powerful time management solution, equipped with features to optimise workforce operations. Proactively manage attendance, enhance productivity, and prevent errors for streamlined operations.

ATOM safeguards both your staff and business with tamperproof records and a digital audit trail. Save time, prevent errors, and maintain timely payments with ATOM.

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Benefits of Access and Time Operations Management.

Enhanced Productivity

Identify and address productivity risks through behavioral pattern analysis.

Efficient Operations

Gain insights into workforce practices, promoting smoother operations and heightened efficiency.

Error Prevention

Eliminate human errors associated with manual time input and calculations, ensuring accurate records.

Time Savings

Automate time tracking processes, bidding farewell to traditional time cards and manual registers for streamlined operations.

Foolproof Clock-Ins

With biometric solutions in place, prevent buddy punching and unauthorised clock-ins, fostering a transparent work environment.

Timely Payroll Processing

Simplify payroll procedures by importing precise time worked, ensuring accurate and timely payments.

How our time and attendance solutions work.

From dynamic operator control to customisable dashboards, seamless integration with access control, and precision in employee detail management, ATOM ensures every facet of your operations aligns with productivity goals.

Streamlining time and operations management

Easily manage and oversee the roles and permissions of operators who handle the ATOM system

Access a comprehensive dashboard tailored to your specific needs, offering a centralised view of critical time and operations data

Integrated access control and visitor management

Seamlessly integrate ATOM with access control and visitor management systems for a unified approach to security

Effortlessly maintain and update employee details, ensuring accurate records for effective time tracking

Optimising workforce productivity

Optimise workforce planning with customisable shift schedules that cater to your organisation's unique requirements.

Streamline the rostering process, ensuring fair and equitable distribution of work among team members

ATOM time and attendance key features.

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Operator Management

Ensure seamless control over user access and roles with Operator Management. Define clear roles, assign responsibilities, and manage permissions effortlessly.

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