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Digital Health Screening with
C   vid-Assist

Pre-screen visitors and employees easily with Covid-Assist, our digital health screening tool.

Take the hassle out of daily employee screening and visitor sign-in. Covid-assist is more than an online health declaration; it is a suite of solutions to manage covid risks.  

At reception tablet display - covid scre
iPhone Invitation - pre-site screening 1

Mitigate Covid Risks for Your Business

At a time of international medical crisis, we need to be reactive as a global society to prevent and monitor widespread infection. ATG offers features which will help you maintain a risk-free workplace via the use of a contactless sign in, visitor and employee screening, plus alerts which prompt you to take action according to company policy. 

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Restrict access

Automatically deny access to anyone who’s presenting symptoms and manage the risk of further coronavirus transmissions



Pre-register visitors so you always know whos coming onsite. Collect the info you need ahead of time- and streamline the check-in process for visitors/staff


Customisable fields

Help curb infectious disease within your organization by adding fields such as "Are you wearing a mask" or "Temperature reading" etc

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Track & trace

Check all-time analytics such as seeing exactly who your guests came to visit and were in close contact with

iPhone Invitation - pre-site screening 1

Screening questions either prior to or on-site

Companies concerned with improving onsite safety can screen who is entering their facilities, proactively evaluate visitors risk levels through pre-registrations, and highlight required safety precautions either prior to or on-site. Should the results not meet the site criteria, the visitor will be denied access.


Going touchless

ATG introduces contactless visitor processing through a series of solutions to ensure a completely safe and touchless entry.

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At Reception stylus dispenser
Touchless scanner
At Reception QR code scanner
NFC cards
At reception tablet display.png
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Cap onsite limit

ATG allows you to cap a limit of total people allowed on site. It lets you receive alerts once your site has reached the set capacity


Alerts & Notifications

Get alerts and notifications if a high risk visitor has entered your building or failed the screening criteria

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View live updates on your most important visitor or risk stats. Check all-time analytics, or dig deeper into a specific date range for insights on screening results or time and attendance.

What will it be like after?

What will access control be like once all the noise of COVID-19 has settled? We predict the following:

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