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ATG Cam Fortifies Vehicle Access Control Points

ATG Cam is the latest offering from ATG Digital, which completes and fortifies vehicular access control points across South Africa.

The IoT camera boasts a suite of features that strengthen security and positive vehicle identification without adding an extra second to waiting time at entry and exit points. That’s the word from ATD Digital’s Ariel Flax, who says that the solution removes vulnerabilities in manual vehicle scanning.

Flax: “We are, sadly, seeing a higher volume of attempts to bypass vehicle identification at access points. Typical tactics include fake license plates or manipulation of security guards by whatever means necessary (be it by threats, bribery, or old-fashioned deceit). ATG cam adds the final layer of security needed to overcome these weaknesses­.

“By automating the opening of booms or gates upon positive vehicle identification, criminals can’t strong-arm guards anymore—keeping your personnel and assets safe.”

The ATG Cam is an IoT Camera with onboard OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, meaning that the device executes the license plate recognition and lookups. The recognition engine can identify plates from eighty countries and has photo recognition capabilities as well.

“With no need for additional computers, the camera speeds up processes in access control, tolling and weighing scenarios,” says Flax.

When added to an access control scanning system, the camera compares license plate information to the scanned vehicle licence disc information. It creates an alert if there are any irregulates. Similarly, if a license disc has not been scanned, the system creates an incident immediately. The camera snaps a picture of the license plate as the boom or gate opens.

One can also fully automate the system by adding a relay, with which the boom or gate will only open if the camera has positively matched the license disc and plate.

Speaking about successful applications of the ATG Cam, Flax says that the ATG Camera was initially developed as a custom solution for Century City, Cape Town. The cameras proved invaluable, and so, ATG Digital added the camera to their access control and visitor management bouquet.

The company is also seeing a notable uptake of the complete ATG digital solution, including driver, delivery and container tracking capabilities, in the warehousing and logistics, shipping and mining sectors.

Flax concludes: “The ATG cam creates complete transparency at access points. Accurate verification and accountability are the two most significant obstacles companies face when it comes to physical access point security. I think that the product’s success lies in its origins and a built-for-purpose solution to address these very problems.”

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