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Office Park Access & Visitor Management Solutions

Streamline security, impress visitors

Transform your office park security and visitor management with ATG's innovative solutions. Our state-of-the-art access control system seamlessly integrates facial recognition, license plate scanning, and efficient visitor registration, ensuring a secure and inviting environment.

Lightning-fast identity, vehicle and visit verification.

From enhanced security measures to streamlined operational control, our tailored solutions empower office parks of all sizes. Enjoy the confidence of cutting-edge access management, allowing you to prioritise productivity and success. Step into the future of secure and convenient office park access with ATG.

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Facility managers' fave features.

Unveiling the top and industry-favourite features for secure and modern office parks.


Proactively identify and restrict access for unwanted or suspicious individuals, enhancing security protocols with our intelligent flagging and blocking capabilities.

Real-Time Notifications

Receive instant alerts for visitor arrivals and incidents, ensuring proactive response and keeping you connected and in control.

Time and Attendance


Effortlessly manage employee attendance and productivity, gaining insights into workforce patterns with our integrated time and attendance feature.

Customisable Dashboard

Access a personalised dashboard offering real-time visitor movement insights and busiest times, allowing you to monitor incidents, track attendance, and tailor your view for maximum efficiency.

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Be prepared for every visitor.

Anticipate every arrival with confidence. Explore our tailored solutions for staff, contractors, deliveries, and guests. Discover a seamless and customisable process for every visitor, ensuring efficiency, security, and a warm welcome at your organisation.

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Deliveries & Collections

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Benefits of Office Park Visitor Management Software.

Enhanced Security

Fortify your office park against unauthorised access and potential threats with our state-of-the-art security measures, ensuring a secure and protected environment.

Express Check-In Efficiency

Accelerate visitor registration and check-in processes, reducing wait times and enhancing overall efficiency for a seamless and time-saving experience.

Operational Transparency

Gain a clear and transparent overview of office park activities, ensuring comprehensive visibility into visitor movements, incidents, and operational insights.

Customisable Access Control

Tailor access permissions to specific areas and timeframes, providing flexibility and heightened security to meet the unique needs of your office park.

POPIA Compliance

Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations, safeguarding visitor information and maintaining the highest standards of data protection.

Save Time

Optimise workflows and save valuable time with automated processes, allowing your team to focus on core tasks and productivity.

Explore top-picked security systems for your office park.

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Smart Gate Access Control System

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