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Impro Technologies.

Integrated Access Control and Visitor Management Solution

The ATG Digital and Impro Technologies integration combines industry-leading access control solutions with advanced visitor management capabilities. This partnership provides one unified operating platform from which customers can easily manage total site security.

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Where robust access control and sophisticated visitor management are perfectly synced.

ATG Digital and Impro Technologies have joined forces to create an elegant, cohesive solution that simplifies operations and enhances security. ATG's sophisticated visitor management platform seamlessly syncs with Impro's robust access control systems, offering a cohesive solution that simplifies operations and enhances security. This integration ensures that visitor data is automatically updated and synced across both systems, providing real-time access and accurate visitor records.

Unified Management Platform

Enjoy a single, powerful operating platform that helps our customers efficiently manage their total site security.

Real-Time Syncing

Easily access to-the-minute accurate and visitor data across access control and visitor management systems.

Automated Data Sync

Effortlessly manage and synchronise all data entries captured by ATG at the gate and within the premises, seamlessly working hand in hand with Impro for comprehensive analysis.

Customised Visitor Parameters

Tailor mandatory data fields for visitors at check-in (or pre-registration) as well as visit limitations aligned to your security policy. 

How ATG and Impro elevate access control with visitor management.

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Admin registers and

manages visitors, staff

and contractors via ATG

Digital's platform.

Admin sets specific visit

limitations and restrictions

within the platform.

Visitor data is  automatically synced to Impro's physical access

control system.

Real-time updates ensure

accurate and consistent

visitor data across both


Integration benefits.

Enhanced Client & Visitor

Simplify operations through a unified access control and visitor management platform, making visitor sign-in and monitoring infinitely easier.

Unmatched Accuracy & Consistency

Tailor and grow the solution as you please. The changes are implemented across both systems, instantly enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Exemplary Configurability & Control

Enjoy enhanced security and the ability to specify visiting limitations and restriction parameters. Businesses of any size can increase operational efficiency.

See ATG Digital's Impro Technologies integration in action.

Simplify your security operations and enhance overall safety with the ATG Digital and Impro Technologies integration. With this unified platform, you can easily manage all aspects of site security in real-time with synchronisation to ensure visitor information is always accurate and current.
Take control with this forward-thinking security management approach that makes safeguarding your premises easier and more effective.

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