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Contractor induction screening
Capture parcel photographs and details
Incident reports and notifications
Staff and visitor movement reports
Screening questions with alerts either prior to or on-site
Trucks time on- and off-site

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Our professional logistics management software streamlines business processes and boosts security for any size business.

Warehousing and Logistics Management Software



Get complete driver and delivery transparency

Manage data collection and contractor compliance from one easy-to-use system. Quickly collect ad view information regarding drivers, deliveries, trucks on- and off-site, damages, and truck inspections.


At The Gate centralises all activity logs, security events, compliance documents and digital signatures, giving you a single big picture view across numerous locations.

Warehouse Management System

WMS Compatible

We've combined the smart number scanning technology of On the container with the convenience of At The Gate. Together, you get a complete fit-for-purpose digital security and tracking solution.

Efficient Transport and Logistics Apps That Save Time

ATG Digital supports sophisticated logistics management software, helping to track items and save time! Never walk into the yard to search for a truck again.

Scanning technology, real-time tracking, and continually-updated reports mean that you will know where deliveries, drivers and vehicles are – at all times.

ATG Digital's Warehousing and Logistics Management Tracking Software

Special Features


Increase Safety and Save Costs

  • Load and save regular visitors.

  • Scan barcodes to manage asset movement and perform regular cycle counts.

  • Adjust compulsory data fields to grant access.

  • Capture images of suspicious individuals, vehicles or keep a visual log of vehicle contents. 

  • Customise access rights for individuals at high-security points.

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Improve In-House Operations and Data Control

We have great features that help you manage visitor traffic, contractor compliance and movement across your entire organisation.

  • Logs

  • Security events

  • Compliance documents

  • Digital signatures

  • Automatic POPs

The Benefits of 

Logistics and Warehouse Management Support


Contactless entry

Mitigate Covid-19 risks with our entirely contactless scanning technology.


Inter-branch transparency

Get quick access to exactly where your fleet are and the driving time between branches

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Driver NFC cards

Driver's can be easily identified by scanning their pre-registered NFC card

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Vehicle inspection

Set regular inspections reminders for trucks and equipment. Keep photographic records.


Collection control

Scan, monitor and track what deliveries took place, who signed for them and when

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Dashboard for approved personnel

Authorised staff can view data by specified categories. Gain greater insight into business processes and efficiency.

See how ATG Digital can benefit you!


Damage control

Record and track any damage related issues either on the vehicle or the parcels

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Incident Reporting

Get automated notifications on incidents like damages, high temperatures, expired driver's licences or licence disks.

ATG Digital Solutions for the Logistics and Warehousing Industry

ATG Digital - Access Control - Boom Gate

At The Gate

The best gate access control system to secure your premises.

At The Gate provides positive visitor identification for corporate office parks, lifestyle estates, complexes, and gated communities.

ATG Digital - Visitor Management - Reception

At Reception

An elegantly simple, self-service visitor sign-in solution.

Register visitors, print ID badges and announce guest arrival with a few simple screen taps. 

ATG Digital - Visitor Management - Webcam


Cutting-edge visitor management system for Covid-19.

ATR Web introduces contactless visitor processing by moving the entire sign-in experience directly onto your existing reception computer/laptop. 

ATG Digital - Facial Recognition

ATG Facial

SA's ultimate access control and clock-in system. 

Advanced facial recognition technology enables touchless visitor, employee and contractor management.

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