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Online Intelligence.

Your gateway to intelligence risk mitigation

Discover the seamless synergy between ATG Digital and Online Intelligence, offering a revolutionary approach to access control and visitor management. Elevate your security standards with our integrated solution, enabling effective risk management through intelligent and data-driven technology.

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Fortify your premises with Online Intelligence.

OI allows customers to effectively manage, control, and mitigate both internal and external risk factors. Enabling them to adapt to an intelligence-driven management approach, built on effective collection, dissemination, and interpretation of information. This enables enhanced utilisation of existing infrastructure and resources and allows for the formulation and implementation of effective countermeasures and proactive risk mitigation strategies. 

Real-Time Monitoring

Keep a vigilant eye on all vehicle and foot traffic with our advanced surveillance capabilities, providing real-time insights for proactive security measures.

Instant Alerts & Notifications

Receive instant alerts and notifications, ensuring you are promptly informed of any security events.

Automated Data Sync

Effortlessly manage and synchronise all data entries captured by ATG at the gate and within the premises, seamlessly integrating with Online Intelligence's platform for comprehensive analysis.

Customised Dashboards

Tailor your dashboard on Online Intelligence's platform to your specific needs, allowing you to monitor onsite activities, track time on site, manage incidents, receive alerts, and more in the format that suits your operational preferences.

How it works.

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ATG captures all vehicle and foot traffic along with any site-required visitor information at the gate and within the premises.

All captured data entries seamlessly transfer to Online Intelligence's platform, ensuring a swift and secure exchange of information.

The synchronised data populates Online Intelligence's dashboard, providing a centralised hub for real-time monitoring and analysis of onsite activities.

Customise the dashboard to your specific requirements, gaining insights into onsite presence, time on site, incidents, alerts, and more, all in a format that aligns with your operational goals.

Integration benefits.

Enhanced Risk Mitigation

Leverage the power of integrated intelligence to identify and mitigate both internal and external risk factors, fostering a secure environment.

Optimised Resource Utilisation

Maximise the utilisation of existing infrastructure and resources through intelligent data collection and interpretation, ensuring efficiency in your security operations.

Proactive Countermeasures

Implement proactive risk mitigation strategies based on the real-time insights provided by ATG Digital and Online Intelligence, staying one step ahead of potential threats.

See ATG Digital and Online Intelligence in action.

Take the leap towards intelligent risk mitigation with ATG Digital and Online Intelligence. Elevate your access control and visitor management capabilities to new heights. Click below to get started.

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