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ATG Digital Launches Solution for Emergencies: Roll Call

ATG Digital has launched a Roll Call feature on their app to assist SHEQ managers and safety officers who cite attendance records in an emergency as one of their biggest challenges.

The importance of emergency planning cannot be overstated. That’s the word from ATG Digital’s Ariel Flax, who announced the launch of Roll Call, an attendance tracking and emergency head counting feature, on the ATG Digital App.

“Time is of the essence to evacuate all personnel and visitors safely. Now there is technology to improve accuracy and speed up the process,” says Ariel.

Roll Call enables operations of any size to “Quickly and easily keep track of attendance in any situation by using ATG’s app to mark off all on-site visitors.” ATG Digital has proactively developed the feature, inspired by conversations with clients in the mining, manufacturing, warehousing, and construction sectors.

The company noticed that safety executives across the board favoured ATG Digital’s existing time and attendance reporting features. Coincidentally, many were incorporating this feature into their Emergency Response Plans. The phenomenon motivated ATG Digital’s R&D team (who have earned a reputation for never shying away from a challenge) to produce a “purpose-built” solution.

Ariel, “We realised that the feature would have much broader application than mining and manufacturing—where there is an immediate need for health and safety compliance. Every organisation can benefit from the solution, from business parks to schools and even hospitals.”

The feature is already live on the ATG Digital app, so clients can start using the new feature immediately. Ariel concludes, “Because you never know when disaster could strike, your response depends on your preparedness. This feature gives managers peace of mind knowing they are one step ahead regarding the safety of their employees and visitors.”

For more information, please visit or call 010 500 8611.


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