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Smart access and visitor management

Digital Data, Multiple Solutions, One Place.

Meet the safety and security needs of your enterprise today with the ultimate integrated business intelligence tool

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Where innovation meets unparalleled customisation! Streamline operations, manage access, monitor visitors, and safeguard your premises with our state-of-the-art, completely customisable, access control and visitor management solutions. Experience seamless security tailored to your needs and unlock a new era of convenience and efficiency.

Why customers use
ATG Digital



Streamlined Operations

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Know exactly who is on your premises at any given moment

Real-time On-site Now Tracking

Prevent unauthorised access with accurate identification

Verify Visitor Information

Tailor alerts to stay on top of visitor arrivals or critical events

Instant Notifications

Receive automated reports on visitor traffic, incidents and patterns

Scheduled Reporting

Automatically flag or block unwanted individuals from site or certain areas

Prevent Unauthorised Access

Pre-register expected visitors to expedite check-in procedures


Tailor data visualisation to suit your specific needs

Custom Dashboards

Ensuring POPI and GDPR compliance for data protection and privacy

POPI and GDPR Compliance

Issue ID badges for quick and hassle-free identification

Easy Identification

Contractor Management

Conduct and/or screen inductions before or on-site 

Induction Management

Fleet Management

Prepare driver, vehicle and load information in advance for verification

Pre-Load Drivers and Vehicles

Staff Management

Efficiently track and manage staff time and attendance

Time and Attendance

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Track and receive automatic alerts on induction, PPE, and PDP validity

Expiry Management

View and manage contractor time on-site with customised restrictions

On-site Duration and Restrictions

Document and take photos of damages, km readings, loads, etc.

Detailed Record Keeping

Track site to site duration and get instant arrival/departure notifications

Inter-branch Transparency

Save time by streamline clock-in processes

Quick Clock-In

Implement time-based or area-based restrictions

Time and Area Restrictions

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Our Story

At The Gate was established in 2013 out of the simple need to replace time-consuming and rarely reconciled visitor registration books.

Back then, similar products were impractical and expensive. No matter where we looked, no single product could provide the functionality we required.

So, we developed our own product. We sourced local, open platforms to create a cost-effective, robust and easily managed system. What's more, the simplicity of the solution could be applied to any business.

As visitors were exposed to the system at our first site, demand quickly grew. It was evident that we were not the only company looking for an access control system that was easy to deploy, easy to manage and suitable for all environments.

It was only a matter of time...

Before long, we realised that our technology lent itself to various other much-needed applications. A prime example of which is container receiving and tracking at shipping yards.

Today, we offer convenient reception desk solutions, gate access control systems and facial recognition access control to name a few.

We are continuously developing our products and encourage feedback and suggestions, all of which we consider in our research and development.

About us

Business and Residential Security Access Control.

Our ATG business intelligence tools are the fast and affordable way to secure your public or private premises. Our five proprietary, interoperable access control systems immediately increase safety within any business or residential complex.

Any or all of our security solutions will replace outdated handwritten registration books. Saving you, your visitors and your security guards ample amounts of time.

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ATG has revolutionised the way in which we conduct access and exit control. Combined with ATG's accurate records and user-friendly interface, our clients now have no request that we cannot execute.

National Accounts Manager | Interactive

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