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New Asset Management Feature Realises Optimal Resource Management

A new ‘Asset Management’ feature linked to ATG Digital’s Access Control system is set to revolutionise how organisations handle their valuable resources—and it’s free!

ATG Digital has released a phenomenal, free feature that helps businesses manage resource allocation—from boardrooms and parking bays to access keys, laptops and containers—through their access control system.

The new feature, called Asset Management, is “like access control for tangible and intangible inventory”, says spokesperson Ariel Flax, who explains that it is designed to “revolutionise resource utilisation across numerous industries and applications.”

Asset Management is another brainchild of ATG Digital’s pioneering research and development team. In the spirit of ATG Digital’s promise to manage the “ins and outs” of business, the R&D team applied access control principles to tangible and intangible inventory such as keys and meeting rooms.

The result is a live booking system cum inventory allocation tool that enables users to create, load, and assign various assets digitally and without hassle. “This feature is perfect for organisations experiencing high visitor traffic that require swift transparency and allocation of assets such as, but not limited to, warehouses, hotels, corporate offices, and factories,” Ariel explains.

According to Ariel, users can harness Asset Management whenever they need to allocate or manage assets, be it by assigning parking bays, booking out keys for hotel guests, or reserving boardrooms for business meetings.

Operating Asset Management is as easy as creating a custom field displaying available assets in a dropdown menu on the ATG scanner. Users can select and assign the desired asset to the visitor upon arrival. Once assigned, the asset becomes unavailable for subsequent visitors until it is returned. Assets can be customised with various booking statuses, and users can set conditions or actions based on specific criteria, such as “check-out time exceeded”.

Ariel: “The need for efficient allocation and management of tangible or intangible resources is a common challenge many companies face. Asset Management addresses these challenges faced by companies across different sectors.

“As a tool, Asset Management enhances efficiency, user experience and regulatory requirements while mitigating theft risks. The only news that is as good as this is that the feature is free and live! Clients need only activate the feature to start using it.”

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