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The Indispensable Tool Every Physical Access Control System Needs

Physical Access Control System (PACS) just got smarter, faster, and safer thanks to the ATG QR Code Reader, the latest product offering from ATG Digital.

Precision access control has arrived. That’s the news from Access Control and Visitor Management trailblazers ATG Digital following the launch of its advanced QR Code Reader solution. The system is said to “revolutionise” with powerful features that enhance security and efficient access control.

Ariel Flax of ATG says that the new ATG QR Reader enables seamless, contactless access control, creating a superb user journey, “It is a revolution in access control management, enabling precision never seen before.”

Swift scanning grants authorised persons instant access to designated areas while “intelligent flagging and blocking” keeps intruders at bay. Advanced features allow the QR Code invitations to limit the holder’s access to specific time slots or a select number of entries. Access can be digitally revoked immediately should the system detect any discrepancies. The system further captures entry and exit times for enhanced time and attendance tracking while real-time insights guide “optimal operational efficiency.”

The pre-configured codes can be sent to guests ahead of time, and the system notifies hosts on their arrival, making for an “entirely frictionless welcome to the premises.”

Flax says that the QR Code scanners (which can integrate Near Field Communication (NFC) as well) add value to several business departments. Flax: “Everyone benefits. Security Managers can control who accesses which areas and which times and for how long. HR & Payroll have access to accurate, time-stamped records.

“Reporting provides business intelligence to the C-Suite guiding business decisions, and, finally, Real-time reporting enables immediate response—giving staff and visitors ultimate peace of mind.”

The ATG QR Code reader was launched at the start of the month to ATG Digital’s customer base and enjoyed considerable uptake. “The response has been hugely positive,” reports Flax and adds, “This indicates that the solution fills a definite gap.”

Businesses from all sectors can enjoy the advanced security offered by the ATG QR Code readers as part of the ATG Digital access control solution. Flax encourages those interested to book a demo by contacting ATG Digital at


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