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Rock Beats Scissors. Scanner Beats Paper.

Want to know some “fun” and interesting facts regarding digital access control’s performance against its paper counterpart?

Following a customer satisfaction report compiled in December 2021, we discovered that Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) has officially overtaken fingerprint scanning as a firm customer favourite. But that’s not the only “juicy” insight from results, says ATG's Megan Oelofse.

“The obvious benefit of digital over paper logbooks is that data is captured immediately and, with that, clients have real-time visibility through their dashboard,” says Megan. She continues, “but we wanted some definitive figures on how our platform measures up—and the results are for the books, so to speak.”

According to the customer satisfaction survey:

  • 62% of visitors confess to peeping at who has checked in before them when signing in with a paper logbook.

  • Customers who moved from a manual log system to digital report significant time-saving on sign-in time per visitor.

  • It takes roughly 30-seconds per visitor to sign in on a digital system.

  • Clients collect an average of 28% more data with digital access control and

  • Clients note a whopping 19% decrease in data risk.

We gathered the data from numerous security and estate management resources.

Megan, “Given the ‘mass’ migration from paper to digital in response to COVID-19, we thought it an excellent opportunity to gather data on how customers have experienced the transition.”

Topping the charts of all the findings, Megan says she was fascinated to learn that the highest number of scans done on a single site in one day is 5800.

More findings regarding crime prevention and reduction statistics, most-used data fields and features, and average visitor time on site are available from ATG Digital on request.


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