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From paper to digitized visitor management systems, visitor management has greatly evolved over the past couple of decades. The reasons for the evolution are fairly straight forward– ease of use, improved security, cost savings... To name a few.

We will continue to see an increase in the implementation of advanced digital systems for better security and access control. Let’s compare:

Traditional visitor management

Traditional visitor management systems use sign-in or manual logbooks. When a visitor arrives, they write their details down, as well as their time of arrival and departure. This system may have worked for a while but, ultimately, data storage and security became an issue.

Digital visitor management

Because we are living in a highly advanced world, using a technically-advanced system to track visitors is definitely the better choice in comparison to the traditional methods. The use of digital visitor management system minimizes human error, allows businesses to record more information than ever before and the information gathered is safer in terms of data management. Not only this, but it also frees up reception staff to complete other tasks and be more productive.

Upgrading to digital brings with it various benefits, including:

It speeds up the sign-in process.

It enables more detailed reporting that can be accessed whenever required.

Improved safety and security.

It’s cost effective, as admin and staffing costs are cut.


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