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Integrated Access Control and Visitor Management

You might think one relates to security and the other to HR & compliance, but access control and visitor management go hand-in-hand.

There’s a wealth of benefits to integrating access control and visitor management. Not only that but treating them as separate can actually cause more problems than you realise!

Health & Safety, in particular, is negatively affected by disparate access control and visitor management systems.

Here’s how your access control and VMS can strengthen each other for maximum security and efficiency.

Advanced Physical Security with Digital VMS

Any security officer will tell you that knowledge is power. Intelligence—not brute force—is the key to robust physical security. The better equipped you are with information, the better you can protect your property.

By integrating your access control and visitor management system (VMS), security personnel have the advantage of knowing who to expect (and therefore who to suspect, too).

Let’s take a look at a typical corporate office park scenario as an example:

  • All employee and business fleet vehicles are fitted with an RFID chip (with a unique ID).

    • Access booms with UHF readers can detect an approved vehicle from as far as 12 meters.

    • When an approved vehicle approaches, the access booms opens automatically, eliminating traffic jams and freeing guards to focus on other vehicles.

    • The unique IDs enable the system to record who has entered the premises and is onsite.

  • Employees can issue WhatsApp invitations to guests, collection, and delivery invitations for entry via WhatsApp or QR code.

    • Invitations enable guests to pre-register their information for speedy access at the gate.

    • Security guards only need to scan the QR Code driver’s and vehicle licence to verify identity. No need to manually capture any additional information at the gate.

    • Upon positive ID, the staff member receives an automated notification alerting them that their guest has arrived.

    • Collections and deliveries are speedy, reducing the security risk of lingering vehicles and unfamiliar persons onsite.

    • Visitors enjoy an efficient welcome and seamless experience from the gate to reception and their meeting.

  • For unexpected arrivals, there’s ATG Cam.

    • An IoT Camera with onboard OCR technology captures license plates, performs lookups against several databases (such as SAPS stolen vehicles) and verifies plates against license discs.

    • The fully automated system will only open the boom or gate if the camera has positively matched the license disc and plate. So unauthorised drivers can’t strong-arm guards into opening for them.

  • Facial recognition software can positively identify employees, regular visitors, or contractors.

    • The facial recognition can extend to access points within the building for a seamless experience.

Imagine all the applications for integrated access control and visitor management. Hotel guests can pre-check in and enjoy swift access to the premises while guards are no longer burdened by trying to discern between legitimate guests and chance-takers. Construction sites can pre-authorise entry for employees, vetted contractors and expected visitors. Mines can track all assets (vehicles, loads, and machinery).

The Benefits of Integrating Access Control and Visitor Management

  • Automation from guest arrival at the gate to reception and their visit

    • Improved guest experience

  • Alleviate pressure on security guards

    • Eliminate paper-based tasks

    • Minimise manual data capturing at the gate

    • No bottlenecks. Record licence plate, driver, and vehicle data in seconds

  • Increased intelligence:

    • Accurate records and advanced reporting

    • Know who is expected and who is not

    • Know who is on site and how long (use for emergency roll call).

    • Blacklist unwanted visitors

    • Identify stolen vehicles

  • Enforce Compliance

    • The system is fully POPIA compliant

    • Ensure visitor/contractor induction and

    • Wearing of applicable PPE before entry

  • Accountability

    • You only have to deal with one supplier for support or any other queries.

What If You Keep Access Control and Visitor Management Apart?

Besides losing out on the benefits of integrated access control and visitor management, you could add to your stress when you keep these two systems in silos.

x Duplicate work

  • Your access control and visitor management requirements may overlap, causing you to gather the same information from guests at the gate and reception.

x Information gaps

  • Likewise, if you don’t have an overall picture of the data, you’re collecting at access points and reception, vital guest registration information could be missing.

  • Criminals can also spot vulnerabilities in the system and work those loopholes to gain access to your building.

x Unnecessary labour for reconciliations

  • If you want to reconcile your access control and visitor management data, you will require additional resources.

  • You may be unable to pinpoint which supplier is responsible when certain faults arise, costing you even more time and resources to investigate.

x Exorbitant costs

  • Duplicate work, additional labour and separate supplier/license fees can send your expenses sky-high. There are massive cost savings from paying one supplier for an integrated access control and visitor management system.

x Difficulty and hindrances with evacuations

  • The cost of not centralisation these systems could be life! There is no time in an emergency to cross reference gate and reception information to do roll call after an evacuation.

One Call Does It All

Improve physical security, intelligence, and guest experience in one simple step by calling ATG Digital. Our unique integrated access control and visitor management system is loved across multiple sectors, such as mining, construction, logistics, hospitality, education, commercial business, and residential housing.

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