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How ATG Protects Your Property During Load Shedding

During load shedding, businesses, estates and other premises are vulnerable as security and communications systems are offline. But not with ATG Digital. Here is how we keep your commercial properties and residential estates safe during load shedding.

The Current State of South Africa During Load Shedding

The news is flooded with reports about an upsurge in crime during load shedding. Criminals have been and always will be opportunistic—and they're leveraging power outages to breach your premises.

Mail & Guardian says that industry experts are warning against raising house burglaries and threats to the banking and cash distribution industry. Meanwhile, BusinessTech explains how theft-related insurance cover becomes moot if you're robbed during load shedding.

And you'll find dozens more related stories on Independent Online, News24 and The Citizen to name a few.

Why Do I Need Access Control to Stay Online During Load Shedding?

Access control is your first line of defence, among many other independent systems that make up your physical security. Some systems don't rely on electricity, such as perimeter walls, gates and locks, so they will continue to "work" during load shedding. But others, such as CCTV, intrusion detection and alarms, need power to operate.

Fortunately, ATG Digital's signature access control solutions - At The Gate and At Reception - remain fully functional during load shedding. This is important because most intruders don't bother with labour intense efforts to climb walls or hop fences into office parks. No, they use the path of least resistance. Brazenly gaining access through the main gate and waltz right into the reception.

The logic is simple; it's easier to take what you want in plain sight if everyone around you thinks you're meant to be there.

How Access Control Protects Against Intruders

Yes, the name seems self-explanatory, but here is how it works.

Access control solutions like At the Gate and At Reception digitally verify a person's identity (or other details) before they may access the premises. They capture additional information pertinent to security and have features that prohibit unwanted and unauthorised individuals from entering.

For example:

At The Gate

  • Scans vehicle and driver's licences and authenticates visitor data in real time.

  • Captures images of said licenses, drivers, and vehicle content (to ensure that exits match entries).

  • Immediately alerts the appropriate personnel if a stolen vehicle or flagged individual tries to enter.

  • Provides accurate live data of who is onsite at any time.

  • All information is automatically stored securely in the cloud (not on the local device, in case of theft).

  • Compatible and easily integrated with boom automation technologies such as UHF readers, facial recognition and licence plate recognition.

At Reception

  • Captures accurate visitor details, photographs and any other required information in seconds.

  • Notifies hosts of guest arrival and keeps track of all vital information.

  • Customise entry and exit information required, like getting visitors to sign agreements/NDAs.

  • Set criteria visitors must meet to come onsite and check if they appear on internal or third-party watch lists.

  • Track who is onsite (and, in some instances, where they are) at all times.

So, you can see why it's essential to keep your access control working during load shedding.

During Load Shedding, Your Access Points Remain Protected

The At the Gate scanning devices and At Reception tablets work off batteries and SIM cards. When the power goes out, each battery lasts roughly one day (depending on how busy your site is). The SIM cards include mobile data to safely upload scanned information to the cloud even if your WiFi isn't working.

Sadly, entire mobile towers can go offline during load shedding or any other major electrical fault. Should that happen, the devices remain fully operational. The data will queue for upload until the connection is restored.

There is also a failover solution for the ATG facial recognition device, which comes with an optional 12v backup battery supply upon request. This battery backup lasts about 2-3 hours, depending on how busy the site gets.

Don't get left in the dark about who's coming and going. Let's secure your property today.


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