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Easy Security Estate Visitor Management and Access Control

Security estates, a.k.a gated communities or complexes, are growing more popular daily. It's hard to go anywhere and not see a new development underway—and security is the operative word.

Before community and convenience, South Africans seek safety when choosing where to live. That's why you can't cut corners with visitor management and access control. But! You don't want residents to feel like they are in prison.

Here's how you can effectively manage residents, visitors, deliveries, contractors and staff with ATG Digital's single access control system.

Security Estates Must Strike a Balance Between Safety & Comfort

Successful estate security must master the art of Fort Knox protection while providing an entirely frictionless entry and exit experience for residents and guests.

How is this even possible?

The secret lies in verifying identities and cars accurately with lightning speed.

We're talking about high-tech tools to welcome wanted parties in a whiz and spot suspected intruders in seconds.

Speed gives you the advantage by:

· Reducing queues for residents.

· Making visitor check-in pleasant.

· Eliminating time for potential intruders to overpower guards.

· Catch stolen cars or wanted persons off guard (and put them where they belong).

Here's how we feed our need for speed.

Facial Recognition for Complexes & Gated Communities

With a combination of LPR (license plate recognition) and facial recognition, owners and tenants barely come to a complete stop before booms automatically open for them. This reduces congestion, which is inconvenient and a safety hazard. Now residents can enter quickly no matter the weather. Our tech is so advanced that it is not affected by glare or rain.

There is even an option to pre-register visitors, who receive a unique QR code to scan themselves in on arrival. Speaking about visitors…

Very Fast Visitor Verification

Guests pose one of the biggest challenges to security estate access control. You must have a "zero trust" policy and create a convenient, welcoming experience at the gate.

And that's what our residential estate access control system, At The Gate, does! It is an entirely touchless solution that replaces dated book-and-pen visitor verification systems.

Guards scan the car and driver's licences with a SMART handheld device that syncs to the LPR and authenticates visitor data in real-time. If the visitor is a pedestrian, the guard can still authenticate the visitor using their ID.

With Scan to Call, a proprietary ATG Digital feature, the visitor enters their host’s telephone number when scanned in. The scanner sends an automated call to the resident to allow or deny entry.

This process is:

· Fast. No congestion at the gate.

· Painless. No more filling in manual forms.

· Accurate. No need to interpret handwriting; information is scanned directly from government-issued docs.

· Secure. Data is encrypted and instantly uploaded to the cloud (not stored on the device for added safety).

· POPIA compliant. We've run all the checks and balances with data privacy laws for added peace of mind.

A Treat for Trusted Contractors and Staff

Verified, trusted individuals that need to visit your complex regularly can be loaded onto the system in various ways. The system is entirely customisable to suit any application and site.

· Generate pre-registrations automatically sent to regular attendees with your location and a QR code for easy sign-in.

· Specify start and end dates for contractors or shift times (no access granted outside of these parameters).

· Track time spent on premises.

· Set automated reports on all visitor activity.

· Set compulsory and optional data capturing fields, e.g. the number of people in the vehicle or declaring assets (laptops etc.)

Dealing with Deliveries

Collections or deliveries—the norm in our post-pandemic society—are another headache for security professionals.

Access gates are overwhelmed with a flurry of helmeted guys in a hurry! But someone with a concealed face and a top box threatens security estates.

This is where the scan-to-call feature really stands out. The courier enters the name or telephone number and the system phones the host (resident), who then permits entry.

Alternatively, the resident can send the courier a unique QR code, which they scan at the gate to gain entry.

Both instances alleviate the pressure off guards to make judgement calls. The guard or control room will also receive an alert if the time onsite exceeds a reasonable timeframe.

Mega Security with Metagrated – Law Enforcement & Insurance Fraud Databases

Your vehicle verification is only as good as the databases against which you are checking! Think about it, if you're using a sketchy, outdated database, a recently stolen vehicle can likely slip in undetected.

We've partnered with Metagrated for a superior source to several law enforcement databases in real-time. This significantly enhances our LPR data and, thus, your security estate's safety.

Ushering Away the Unwanted and Uninvited

We reach the crux of gated community and security estate access control concerns here. What happens when the unwanted arrive at the gate?

We use sources like Metagrated and the stolen vehicle database to authenticate visitors. You can also upload your own blacklist to the system. Should a person or vehicle trigger either dataset, the system notifies the guard (and any other designated management individuals).

You can configure the system to respond per your security policies and protocols. For example, do not allow entry and call law enforcement.

The Security Estate Integration Possibilities Are Endless

ATG Digital's cloud-based estate security systems securely track residents, visitors, staff, and contractors. It is highly configurable, so you can tailor and integrate it with almost any existing management software.

You can mitigate risk with a reliable data security solution and create a world-class experience for residents and visitors.

To summarise, you get:

- touchless facial recognition,

- pre-registration,

- QR code invites,

- millisecond identify verification,

- LPR, visitor monitoring,

- auto alerts,

- cloud security, and

- real-time reports.

What are we missing? Is there anything else that YOUR security estate needs? Let us know! Our R&D team can't wait to get started.


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