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At The Gate is At Your Service

An access control system without built-in support is like a compass without a needle. You won’t get anywhere. That’s the word from Ariel Flax of ATG Digital, who explains why Access Control as a Service—ACaaS—should be the industry standard.

Most businesses and estates consider physical access control a once-off purchase, paying for additional support as and when needed. But ATG Digital, creators of pioneering access control technology, At The Gate and ATG Facial, has a different take.

Ariel: “Access control is hardly ‘set and forget’. It is a daily function of security operations. So, maintenance and support should be as well.

“In the wake of rolling black-outs and increasing security threats, having a team that can customise your solution in response to (and even anticipating) identified vulnerabilities is essential.”

ATG Digital recently reported on an increase in theft in the logistics sector (indicative of the broader business spectrum) and brought to light how loadshedding exacerbates theft. Both reports were compiled using findings from the company’s continual monitoring and reporting across their client portfolio. The data reveals how criminals are advancing in their ability to exploit vulnerabilities. Businesses and residential estates, therefore, need proactive security solutions—only possible via ACaaS.

“Analytical data is any security manager’s greatest weapon of defence,” says Ariel. He explains, “ACaaS means that clients receive 24-hour monitoring, reporting, ongoing support, regular updates, training, and unlimited call-outs for a fixed monthly fee.”

Ariel believes that pay-as-you-use support models are outdated, “In these economic times, a business shouldn’t have to navigate quotes and POs to keep their access control functioning optimally.

“There was a time when businesses could get away with once-off installation and forego support contracts. But the pace at which threats evolve demands a readily adaptable system.”

With ACaaS should be the status quo, access control providers should differentiate themselves by the quality and expanse of support offered. In the case of At The Gate, for example, customisations to ensure a perfect fit with individual clients’ sites are included.

Ariel advises security companies and managers to look for access control providers that offer integrations, flexibility and data intelligence. “An in-house R&D team ready to adapt the product according to your needs, or as your security needs progress, is the best option for the long haul,” he concludes.

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