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Tips for Keeping Construction Workers Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

ATG is constantly updating our database and features to help industries like this keep abreast with the changing demands of the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out more here.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, multiple contractors and construction companies are reviewing their health procedures to ensure the safety of their workers and reassure their visitors, customers and employees.

While pandemic-era policies are different around the globe, the new protocols put in place by contractors must be adapted to their current situation, quick to implement and affordable, given the current economic situation. That said, the prevention tips that construction contractors may want to implement, include the following: 

  • All construction workers are to be digitally screened upon arrival

  • Use technology to avoid human contact whenever possible

  • In addition to regular PPE for workers, the company should implement strict measures to ensure all contractors are wearing masks.

  • All job site visitors are to be digitally screened in advance of arriving on site. If the visitor answers “yes” to any of the COVID detection questions, he/she should not be permitted to access the jobsite and a notification is to be automatically sent to the necessary authorities

  • Limit the amount of contractors/people on site in respect of social distancing. 

What are the advantages of using ATG for the construction industry?

  • Time and attendance - Track and record time of each contractor on site

  • Investigations and audits - Keep accurate records of all who entered the site and when for investigation purposes

  • ID Scanning - Ensure accurate identification with photo ID card scanning.

  • Staff Badges - Guest badges visually separate visitors and contractors from permanent staff and can be color-coded to quickly show the purpose of visit, level of access, citizenship, compliance and validity of the badge holder

  • NDA's & Legal Documents - Add mandatory legal documents to the sign in flow and capture digital signatures. Signed documents are stored in one place for easy download when needed

  • Access Denied - Flag or deny entry to any unauthorized or high risk individuals

  • Schedule Reporting - Schedule end-of-day reports to see full site activity and compliance exceptions which include watchlist hits, failed COVID screening results and contractors who did not sign out at the end of their shift.

  • Customizable Fields - Implement fields to request any information you require. Eg: "Are you wearing a mask?" or "Temperature reading"


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