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The Business Benefits of Facial Recognition Systems

Amid low confidence and economic downturn, no business can afford inefficiency. That’s the word from Ariel Flax of ATG Digital, who explains how facial recognition systems revolutionise several business functions.

As the country wades into the second half of the year, business conditions are proving no less challenging than they were in 2020. COVID-19’s third wave remains an ever-present threat to business, while compliance pressures mount as POPIA comes into full effect on 1 July 2021.

“Then, the usual suspects remain,” says Ariel Flax of ATG Digital, South Africa’s premier access control and visitor management providers. Flax refers to the physical security, human resources and payroll headaches that plague organisations throughout South Africa, namely access control, visitor management, employee time and attendance tracking.

Flax says that companies have to find a way to manage several distinct yet overlapping business functions. “Visitor management, for example, typically falls under physical security, but guests’ experience falls under marketing,” Ariel explains. Similarly, access control at the gate serves to keep employees and visitors safe, while accurate time and attendance records reduce payroll problems for HR.

Using ATG Facial as an example, Ariel illustrates how one system can consolidate numerous business functions. Thereby reducing the amount of (and sometimes eliminating) financial, human and time resources previously required.

- The technology is touchless:

  • It enables safe hygiene practices to protect against COVID-19 Exposure. OHSA requirements are also, therefore, met.

  • A secure, pre-screening link allows guests to register before arrival.

  • The system includes facial recognition with a mask.

- Employee sign-in and guest registration are entirely digital:

  • Records are accurate and securely saved in the cloud in real-time - It is possible to integrate clock-in reports with HR records speeding up payroll (payslip) calculations or reconciliations.

  • Records are tamper-proof, protecting against buddy or ghost clock-in - By removing room for human error, businesses can eliminate disputes regarding time worked and compensation.

  • The system is 100% POPIA compliant. Personal information is guarded.

  • Guests form a favourable impression through a frictionless sign-in experience - Staff receive instant notifications of their guest’s arrival.

- The system is adaptable and scalable to your business:

  • Facial recognition access control can be set up to restrict access to certain areas, such as server rooms.

- Reporting provides deep analytical insights, enabling better business decisions to improve efficiency further.

“Efficiency is the art of using the least resources to accomplish a task,” says Ariel, “Any business without the right facial recognition system is not reaching its efficiently potential.”

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