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Introducing ATOM - The Most Effective Time and Attendance Tool on The Market

Time and Attendance - Man late for work

In today's fast-paced business landscape, effective time and attendance management is the cornerstone of productivity. Recognising this vital need, ATG proudly introduces ATOM: Access and Time Operations Management. ATOM steps in as a game-changing solution that redefines how organisations approach time and attendance tracking. From empowering employee productivity to providing actionable insights for better decision-making, ATOM is set to become the go-to tool for businesses of all sizes

Tracking employees' time at work helps management to record hours worked and provides the intelligence to anticipate scheduled time off. You can evaluate labour hours, leave trends, and determine payment classifications. For these reasons, time and attendance reports influence important financial business decisions.

Manage attendance, productivity & absenteeism!

The Benefits of the ATOM Time and Attendance Solution

Enhance Employee Productivity

ATOM dives deep into behavioural patterns to spot potential productivity risks, enabling proactive intervention.

Efficient Workspace Management

Gain insights into best practices for managing your workforce, ensuring smoother operations and higher efficiency.

Prevent Errors

Prevent human errors through manual input and calculations

Save Time

Bid farewell to traditional time cards and manual registers - ATOM automates the process for streamlined operations.


With ATOM, where biometric solutions are in place, there's no room for buddy punching – employees cannot clock in for late or absent co-workers.

Maintain Timely Payment

Simplify payroll through instant import of precise time worked.

Safeguard your Staff

The ATOM software benefits your staff as well as your business. The records are tamperproof, but should any hours manage to be manipulated, you have an accurate digital audit trail to safeguard against fraud.

Time is money! Start saving both!

Discover ATOM’s Dynamic Features

  • Operator Management

  • Customisable all-in-one Dashboard

  • Access Control and Visitor Management Integration

  • Employee Detail Management

  • Shifts and Shift Scheduling

  • Employee Rostering

  • Timesheet Management

  • T&A Scheduled Reporting

Gain Insights on Employee Management

Analysing time and attendance data unveils valuable insights about your workforce, enabling you to address potential issues.

For example, reviewing employee leave data helps you to understand your organisation's absenteeism rate.

A high absenteeism rate could indicate low employee morale, burnout or even forewarn of a high employee turnover rate.

Similarly, timesheet data shows managers if team members have equal and fair workloads. Once again, helping to detect and mitigate employee burnout.

Who Benefits from ATOM? Everyone!

We proudly serve a diverse range of industries, including Agriculture, Commercial, Mining, Manufacturing, Education, Construction, Hospitality, Healthcare, and more. Our tailored solutions cater to every business's unique needs.

Time and Attendance Solutions for the Security Industry

From streamlined guard patrol management to accurate time and attendance tracking for security personnel across multiple locations and checkpoints, ATOM redefines efficiency in security operations. Seamlessly manage schedules, shifts, and payroll while gaining real-time insights for optimised security measures.

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