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Going Back to School - What to Expect...

As per the government’s announcement, learners will be returning to school from the 1st of June, starting with those in Grade 7 and Grade 12. The new school procedures will be very different to before so it will take some getting used to for both the students and the teachers. None the less, here are the plans that were outlined to get children back to school in the safest and most sanitary way possible:

Social Distancing

- The students are to be limited to a certain amount per classroom and spread across multiple classes across the school.

- All persons must remain at least two metres away from each other.

- Students desks to be spread at least two metres apart.

- Lunches and breaks to be staggered as much as possible.

Standard Protocol – Masks and Sanitiser

- All learners and teachers are to wear masks to be allowed entry to the school, any without masks are to be provided with one before entering.

- There will be sanitisers at each entry point of the school, such as the main entrance, classrooms and serving areas. Students are to wash their hands frequently.


- Students and teachers must have their temperature checked before entering, if normal, proceed to the screening point.

- If the screening results show no risk and temperature below 38°C, the learner proceeds to enter the building.

- Should the screening results show related symptoms or a temperature over 38°C, the learner/teacher must be accommodated to an isolation room set up in a designated room in the school.

- Screenings should take place at a safe checkpoint in an orderly manner to avoid mass number of students crowding outside the premises and in the roads.

Hygiene Standards

- All schools are to ensure they do a full clean as well as disinfect the entire premises and provide a certificate as proof that such was done.

With all the new standards and procedures students need to follow, it’s not going to be easy to make it a habit and turn it into the “New Norm”. But with the right discipline, instruments and teamwork helping the move along, there should be no problem in ensuring a cleaner and safer environment for our generation.


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