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Deploying Access Control in Mixed-Use Buildings

Mixed-use properties have become increasingly popular in South Africa. With that, developers and property managers must consider where and how to deploy physical access control in mixed-use buildings.

Mixed-use properties present unique challenges due to the variety of occupants and activities in one location.

This blog post will discuss the top physical access control and visitor management areas of a mixed-use property. We will cover the challenges of this type of security and how to deploy access control in a mixed-use building effectively.

Mixed-Use Developments on the Rise

Perhaps you're asking yourself, what is a mixed-use development?

A mixed-use building is any property comprising combined commercial and residential spaces. They are often also called multi-use buildings. In short, if a property has multiple uses, like housing, shops, offices or accommodation, it is a mixed-used facility.

They are not new to South Africa. They go as far back as Century City in Cape Town and Melrose Arch in Johannesburg. The latest place to make the news is "The Bank" by Daffonchio Architects + Imbewu Design in Rosebank. This development includes a hotel, office spaces, retail stores, and luxury apartments, all within one building. The Bank has quickly become a hub of activity, attracting residents and visitors.

These buildings combine residential, commercial, and retail spaces, providing a one-stop destination for people to live, work, and play. The convenience of mixed-use buildings has made them increasingly popular. Here is a list of SA's Hottest Mixed-Use Developments in 2023.

Demand for Access Control in Mixed-Use Buildings

Safety and convenience are why people buy into mixed-use developments today. Developers have to find and install an access control and visitor management solution that will ensure safety for everyone who uses their mixed-use building.

With the help of a robust access control system, building managers can also track and monitor people's movements within the building. This means they can identify suspicious activity, prevent theft, and monitor areas where high-risk incidents could occur.

The Challenges with Physical Access Control In Mixed-Use Buildings

One of the primary challenges is the complexity of managing different groups of people, including residents, visitors, contractors, staff, and other occupants. With multiple entrances and exit points, it can be challenging to ensure that each person has the appropriate level of access to different building areas.

Property managers must employ various tools and strategies to ensure that each person has the appropriate level of access while maintaining a high level of security throughout the building.

Visitors and contractors may only need temporary access to specific areas of the building. Meanwhile, a mixed-use property's commercial and residential areas may require different security levels.

All these instances require a reliable visitor management system that can track the movement of visitors and ensure that they only have access to areas they are authorised to enter.

Where to Implement Visitor Management & Access Control in Mixed-Use Properties

It goes without saying that one of the critical areas where access control should be placed is at the entrance of the building.

When occupants and visitors first arrive, you need a system to verify their identity and permission to enter. Depending on the size and layout of the premises, multiple entrances may require access control.

Another area to consider is the parking garage or lot. Where there is dedicated parking for residents, employees, or tenants, card readers or biometric scanners can help.

If there are retail spaces within the building, access control can limit access to those spaces outside business hours. Similarly, if offices are within the building, access control can restrict access to specific floors or areas within the office.

Visitor management is equally important. A visitor management system can log visitors and contractors entering the building, ensuring that all individuals are accounted for. This can also be useful for emergencies, as it allows security personnel to identify and locate individuals in the building quickly.

Choosing the Best Solutions for Access Control in Mixed-Use Buildings

ATG Digital Access Control Solutions provide a comprehensive security solution for mixed-use properties.

Building owners, managers, and operators can streamline processes and have complete peace of mind regarding their occupants' and visitors' safety and security.

Here's a look at the ATG Digital Access Control and Visitor Management solutions for your Mixed-Use Property.

· At The Gate scans vehicle and driver's licences and authenticates visitors' data in real-time. We also employ Licence Plate Recognition technology for an added layer of security.

· ATG Facial is SA's ultimate contactless visitor management and clock-in system! It uses cutting-edge face detection technology to create a seamless and secure visitor sign-in process.

· At Reception is a state-of-the-art visitor management system that records all your visitors' information upon arrival while automating the sign-in process.

· ATR Web provides your business with entirely contactless screening. You can also pre-register visitors, who receive a unique QR code to scan themselves in on arrival.

· Scan to Call is a feature that allows the visitor enters their host's telephone number when scanned in. The scanner sends an automated call to the resident to allow or deny entry.

· Live dashboards enable to monitor who is on the premises at all times.

· You can download any up-to-the-minute report you need instantly.

Give yourself the benefit of a system that is easy to use, manage and can be integrated with existing security technology. Chat with an ATG Digital representative to get started - | 010 500 8611


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