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"Contactless Visitor Management" - giving the hotel industry the digital confidence to reopen

With 100.8 million jobs at risk in the global travel and tourism market in 2020, the world is cautiously opening up again with the easing of COVID-19 travel restrictions in certain countries. While South Africa gears-up to resume travel operations, hotels are feeling the pressure due to strict safety controls and a slow start to trading. Crowd control, touchless check-ins, curfew of on-premises consumption of alcohol, social distancing and physical barriers are just a few of the safety protocols anticipated in the wake of South Africa’s tourism revival. To support travel health and safety measures, we at ATG will be assisting with multiple contactless visitor management measures. The environment in which we operate is incredibly challenging, however the need for innovative tech solutions to support business operations with real-time data and cost-reduction techniques is vital. Adding to this, technology provides contactless operations which is key for travel safety. That being said, the prevention tips that hotels may want to implement, include the following:

  • All hotel employees as well as guests are to be digitally screened upon arrival

  • Use technology to avoid human contact whenever possible

  • The hotel should implement strict measures to ensure all employees and guests are wearing masks.

  • All hotel employees are to be digitally screened in advance of arriving on site. If the visitor answers “yes” to any of the COVID detection questions, he/she should not be permitted to access the hotel and a notification is to be automatically sent to the necessary authorities

  • Limit the amount of staff and guests on site in respect of social distancing.

What are the advantages of using ATG for the hotel industry?

  • Time and attendance - Track and record time of each employee on site

  • On site screening - Digitally scan and screen each employee and guest as they arrive on site

  • ID Scanning - Ensure accurate identification with photo ID card scanning.

  • Staff Badges - Guest badges visually separate guests from staff and can be color-coded to quickly show the purpose of visit, level of access, citizenship, compliance and validity of the badge holder

  • Access Denied - Flag or deny entry to any unauthorized or high risk individuals

  • Schedule Reporting - Schedule end-of-day reports to see full site activity and compliance exceptions which include watchlist hits, failed COVID screening results and employees who did not sign out at the end of their shift.

  • Customizable Fields - Implement fields to request any information you require. Eg: "Are you wearing a mask?" or "Temperature reading"

  • Track and Trace - ATG allows you to view every detail of each employee/guest that has entered your site in an instant

  • POPI Compliant - Unlike most paper visitor registers our solution is POPI compliant, allowing you to legally collect this information according to the Protection Of Personal Information Act.

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