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4 Tips for a Safer Visitor Experience Pre-arrival

Creating a safe visitor experience starts well before your guest arrives. You have to know who is coming onto your site to be able to take the necessary precautions. Doing so not only protects your visitors but also safeguards your entire team and your workplace. By using a visitor management system, your team can prepare for every interaction and circumstance, before anyone enters your workplace.

You can help prepare your visitors too. Providing important day-of information lets them know what to expect and helps to ensure they feel comfortable coming to your workplace. This is key to making sure that they stay safe and healthy—and they have a great experience.

Below are 4 tips to create a safer visitor experience, way before they walk through your door:

1. Send invitations to your visitors ahead of time using your visitor management/access control system

As soon as you know a visitor is about to come, you can help prepare both them and your staff by sending an invitation. Pre-registering your guest not only takes some manual work off your staff but more critically, allows your staff to gain control over the capacity of the premises by getting an exact count of how many people will be on site.

2. Inform visitors of any need-to-know’s before they arrive on site

Inviting visitors ahead of time kickstarts this process by sending them an email/whatsapp with the information they need for their visit. With ATG, you can customize that email to include tips on how to arrive, health & safety, screening questions or what they should expect onsite.

3. Provide touchless access to your site

In addition to sending key arrival info, you can also provide touchless access to your workplace by integrating with your building’s access control system. If your site has an access control scanner, your visitor can simply have their QR code invitation or drivers licence scanned hands free, giving them peace of mind.

4. Be able to allow or deny access before your guest arrives

Require that visitors share critical information before they come on-site. This includes data like their recent travel history, general health, and their reason for visiting. If the data does not match your criteria to come on site, deny them access before they drive all the way there.

Nailing the visitor experience starts before they step foot in your premises. By using a visitor management system you can pre-register visitors, automate the process and provide an exceptional touchless experience for your guests. Doing so makes a great first impression, and keeps your team, workplace, and your visitors safe, especially in times of crisis.

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