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ATG Digital + EstateMate

Integrating security and transparency with communication and convenience

EstateMate is the modern paperless solution to connect your community. This unique mobile community app and central management system provides the all-in-one platform, enabling management companies and body corporates to communicate with their residents, AND for residents to communicate with community management.


Integrating ATG with EstateMate ensures that your residents can welcome their visitors in a timely manner as well as close the communication loop between the resident and the visitor so that every person and vehicle entering through your gates are accounted for.



Suitable for all residential buildings


Access control for small, medium and large complexes, retirement villages, golf, residential and lifestyle estates - anywhere that requires positive visitor identification.

Access control

Be able to accept or deny visitors right from the EstateMate app. Once the visitor is scanned in at the entrance with all their credentials, a notification is sent to the host to grant or deny them access.


Smart Pre-registrations


Capture precisely what you need

Hosts can generate pre-registrations via the app to be automatically sent to their visitors including location and meeting details as well as a QR code for easy sign-in.

The device settings are fully customisable: set compulsory and optional data capturing fields according to your requirements.

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Alleviate risk from falsified information

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Safeguard information electronically


Receive visitor entry requests


Create custom fields for data capturing


Verify the authenticity of visitors information


Set automated reports

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Track time spent on premises

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Block or flag unwanted visitors

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