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Supply Chain Security: Access Management to Protect Sites & Assets

Supply chain security can be tricky because there are so many moving parts from mines and farms to factories and retail outlets. So, how do you protect sites and assets throughout the supply chain without over-complicating (and burdening) your processes?

This post explores how ATG Digital’s single access control system solves many logistics and fleet management problems.

What is Supply Chain Security?

At its essence, “Supply chain security is the part of supply chain management that focuses on the risk management of external suppliers, vendors, logistics and transportation.”—Tech Target.

The goal is to identify and mitigate risks and continually sharpen processes using data analysis. Supply chain security refers to the physical security of assets & sites and data security.

Guard Against Unauthorised Access at Mines & Distribution Centres

Access control—the selective restriction of access to a place or resource—helps to protect against the most significant supply chain security threats.

In the mining, manufacturing and supply chain context, access control prohibits unauthorised access to loading docks, cargo areas and shipping sites.

Beyond mitigating loss and theft, you also want to ensure that visitors know safety procedures before entering your site. In this instance, our solution can prohibit entry until the visitor has read and accepted all the terms and conditions for site entry—including health & safety induction!

Restricted access is only one component of supply chain security, albeit a large one. You also need to:

- Identify, verify, and record visitors and personnel

- Safety-check vehicles

- Manage and track assets

- Maintain legal compliance

And that’s just the start! So, how can a single access control system help your mine, manufacturing plant, truck yard, or distribution centre with supply chain security? The secret weapon is transparency!

Ensure Transparency Throughout Your Supply Chain

Transparency is your most powerful weapon in supply chain security. Transparency gives you a crystal-clear view of operations and improves communication.

Our ATG Digital Access Control Solution for Logistics, Warehousing and Mines was developed to enhance transparency through the supply chain AND enforce protocols. Here’s a look at how we do that.

Only Allow Registered or Pre-Authorised Trucks with Order Numbers Onsite

You can load all your drivers and vehicles onto the platform and assign order numbers with a validity period and the number of entries allowed daily.

A security guard will scan a vehicle on arrival. If it’s not in the system, access is denied. If verified, the guard will proceed to complete mandatory fields such as:

- The reason for entry (with subtasks depending on the answer),

- A random vehicle search,

- A breathalyser test, or

- Induction

Collect Relevant Information

Different vehicle loads require different mandatory information. For example, if a truck is delivering raw material, you may want the guard to capture the delivery note and reg numbers.

Our forms will update the mandatory information required based on the reason for entry or what the vehicle is carrying.

Gate Pass Management

Pre-register your gate passes electronically to automate entry and exit, and receive real-time notifications if delivery/collection verification is unsuccessful.

Seal Capturing

Seal capturing is another feature that bolsters product control and supply chain security. You can scan a seal to keep track of a load’s whereabouts. The system will send notifications when specific seal numbers enter or exit specified zones or the site.

Monitoring and Reporting

The system captures everything you could ever want to improve your compliance and business intelligence. Know how long trucks stay on site, record incidents, and financial reports—it’s all available at the click of a button.

The Complete Access Control Solution to Your Supply Chain Security

Its flexibility places the ATG Digital solution head and shoulders above the rest. It is highly configurable, so you can tailor and integrate it to your unique supply chain security protocols.

If there’s a feature you want, we’ll build it. Our research and development team are continually working on solutions based on real-world feedback.

See how ATG Digital strengthens your supply chain security.


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