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Managing visitor operations during the coronavirus outbreak

The global impact of the coronavirus outbreak has been significant, as countries, organizations and the medical community have been scrambling to understand, control and prevent the spread of this new, but potentially devastating virus.

With several dozen novel coronavirus cases in North America and Europe, the approach needs to go beyond limiting international business travel and encouraging sick days. Visitors (contractors, vendors, potential employees, delivery personnel, etc.) can present potential risk to organizations if they recently travelled to China or other affected geographical areas or interacted with someone who has. This kind of vulnerability can result in the further spread of the virus at the facility.

Our visitor management device, At Reception, enables effective enforcement of security protocols. Companies concerned with improving onsite safety can screen who is entering their facilities, proactively evaluate visitors risk levels through pre-registrations, and highlight required safety precautions.

Here are ways At Reception can be configured to help minimize risk to employees, and help promote health and safety best practices when it comes to the novel coronavirus:

  • Visitor screening with questions about recent travel to specific levels of travel advisory countries (stated track record of visitor travel)

  • Configuring visitor experience with questions about recent travel prior to PII (personally identifiable information) being collected

  • Visitor screening about possible symptoms: respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, breathing difficulty

  • Sign-off on legal documents confirming the travel to affected regions or association/exposure/being in company of someone that travelled to affected countries

  • Setting the alerts to EHS officials if symptoms are noted for secondary evaluation

  • Providing visitors and getting sign-off on personal protective equipment (PPE) precautions or best practices

  • Providing visitors with a training video on any required precautions or procedures

At Reception allows organizations to adapt quickly to unexpected situations like a disease outbreak. It empowers security and facility managers to have greater knowledge and control over who enters their premises, and to take preventative actions that would minimize virus spread. Above all, this goes beyond risk mitigation. It is about keeping communities and employees safe.


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